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The impact of your volunteer hours

There are countless ways to volunteer in community efforts that don’t take lots of time.

Learn how to start volunteering in your community and find your perfect volunteer match at 100 for Good™. Even two hours at a time will make a difference.

Start volunteering

Ask some people about ways to volunteer in community efforts, and they might come up empty handed. It can be hard to figure out how to start volunteering, and full schedules as well as uncertainty contribute to inertia. And many might feel an hour or two of giving won’t matter to an organization or their community but that is not true.

Volunteer hours

Even the smallest volunteer hours and tasks have a big impact. Think about a small increment of time — perhaps simply the same amount that you might spend watching a movie. Give those hours to local nonprofit and charitable groups and you can help bring lasting change to your community. In part that’s because acts of service benefit organizations by freeing up hours and resources for staff to devote to other efforts, making a profound economic impact. According to TheNonProfitTimes, just one volunteer hour equates to approximately $28.54 in help to a nonprofit.

According to the Independent Sector, about 77.4 million people in the United States volunteered about 6.9 billion hours of their time resulting in $187.7 billion to build and help communities. Volunteers allow charities to do more without spending more.

Positive effects of volunteering

In addition, even small amounts of time spent volunteering can have a positive chain-reaction effect on your community — your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and even yourself. Volunteering boosts quality of life by helping you forge new relationships, relieves stress and anxiety, improves your physical and mental health and boosts self-esteem. Volunteering as a family can be a great way to instill a spirit of giving together at a young age.

Grants and employee volunteer programs

Many corporations and employers have charitable and nonprofit giving programs. Check with your employer to see if they have a program for donating funds based on the hours you donate to a certain cause. Some corporations even offer matching dollar donations to the nonprofits that their employees volunteer for or support.

In addition, some organizations offer employees paid days to volunteer. Others provide product donations, grants or cash donations. You may be surprised at what programs many employers and organizations offer.

See the broader impact

At State Farm®, we believe doing good is contagious, there are Good Neighbors all around, even though it’s sometimes hard to see. People who, each and every day, make the world a better place, one Act of Good at a time. That’s why we started 100 for Good™. Big (like your volunteer-cation) or small, every Act of Good makes a difference.

Join the community of Good Neighbors. Download the 100 for Good app today (available on IOS and Android App stores) to start tracking your Acts of Good. Together, we can do so much good, and inspire others to join the movement of making this world a better place, one Act of Good at a time.

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® It's more than a slogan; it's who we are.

For the past 100 years, we've made it our mission to restore lives, help rebuild neighborhoods, invest in communities and support education and safety initiatives where we live and work. It's what being a good neighbor is all about.

During our 100th anniversary celebration, learn more about our rich history, iconic brand and our promising, shared future.

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