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Articles To Help Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Mobile Health Monitoring for Seniors

Telehealth technologies alert healthcare professionals if a loved one needs assistance.

The Dangers Of Secondhand Smoke

Steer clear of secondhand smoke.

Simple Tips to Relieve Stress at Work

Work is a source of stress for many, so consider these methods for fending it off.

Don't wait too long to get the information and forms you need to tend to your aging parents.

Here are some reasons why you should consider working after retirement, and enjoy it.

Indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor, so learn what to do about air pollutants.

Sure, you could relax, but working after retirement boosts mental, physical, social, and financial fitness.

Make sure you and your loved ones are keeping cool enough during the dog days.

Natural solutions to help combat seasonal affective disorder until the spring.

Don't let outdoor fun become dangerous.

Walking is a great form of exercise that everyone can enjoy, but potential hazards can spoil your afternoon stroll.