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Tips to help keep birds and geese away from your home

Are birds turning into a nuisance on your property? These bird deterrents will help you keep unfriendly fowl at bay.

Blue car covered with bird droppings causing the owner to wonder how to keep the birds away from his house.

Although birds can bring music and color to your yard, they can also cause chaos by eating plants, roosting in trees and leaving potentially dangerous droppings.

You can help protect your property against such problems, but note that most wild birds are protected under federal or state laws. Forced removal or harm of any protected bird may require a permit. Check with local officials or a licensed wildlife removal service before attempting to remove birds.

What are some tips to keep the birds off my property?

  • Remove the reason the birds are on your property. Is it food, water or shelter? The easiest way to remove nuisance birds is to eliminate or block the resources your yard offers.
    • Water features: If you have a water feature, birds like geese will likely find it. Drain or cover the feature to keep birds out.
    • Food that birds eat: Avoid plants that grow berries or cover them with fine metal netting. If a flock of birds is dominating your feeder, ask your local wildlife service what type of seed they won't eat.
    • Places they can roost: Keep birds away from trees and bushes by pruning them often to remove the cover birds seek.
  • ”Scare” the birds off your property. Fright is another bird deterrent, no matter their motivation for making your property a home. Below is a list of potential solutions:
    • Flags that move in the wind are the cheapest, most effective ways to scare birds.
    • Predator statues such as lifelike scarecrows, owls, coyotes, snakes or cats that can be moved around every few days.
    • Shiny objects such as old CDs, foil pans or silver reflective tape.
    • Large colorful balls placed in the garden or from trees will look like eyes to birds.
    • Flashing lights.
    • Loud noise, such as a wind chime.
    • Barking dogs.
  • Use natural sprays to keep birds away. Check with your local hardware store or search the internet for solutions.
  • Enlist local help to remove the birds. Bird control requires experimentation, patience and, often, money. If your bird infestation is too great to manage on your own, contact your local animal control or pest control. Some cities even offer specific bird-removal services. Remember to check with local officials before attempting to remove birds.
  • Additional tips for geese. Geese tend to be pesky, aggressive, loud and leave plenty of evidence from their visit. Here are a few ways to discourage geese:
    • Visual scare tactics, such as those listed above, work well with geese.
    • Nets, fishing line and wires strung in the affected area create a barrier that is difficult for geese to cross.
    • Liquid goose repellents contain a chemical that geese hate. Read the label because these may need to be used frequently.
    • Bird experts recommend a variety of these techniques, as birds tend to adapt to situations quickly.
    • Geese are protected by federal law so check with local officials before attempting to remove or control geese.

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