A house damaged by an earthquake sits atop a hill that is covered in debris.

What to do during an earthquake

Earthquake safety tips to consider when you are indoors, outdoors, driving or if you become trapped.

What to do during an earthquake at home or indoors

Stay calm and immediately protect yourself. You will want to "drop, cover and hold on" to help reduce possible injury. You need to drop to your hands and knees to get maximum stability and protection. Then, if possible, crawl under a table or desk for shelter. If you're indoors, you should stay indoors during the shaking. Going outside while the earthquake is going on can put you in harm's way of falling debris. If no shelter is available, crawl to an interior wall away from windows and heavy objects. Cover your head and neck with your arms. You'll want to hold on to any shelter you are using and be ready to move with it. Do not attempt to shelter in a doorway unless you know that it's a strongly supported, load-bearing doorway.

If you're in bed when it happens, protect your head with a pillow and move away from any windows or light fixtures. You should also think about where to shelter if you are in another building, such as a high-rise, hotel or restaurant.

What to do during an earthquake if you are outside

If you're outdoors, you should stay outdoors during the shaking. The greatest dangers outside during an earthquake are from falling buildings and debris. You should attempt to move toward the most open space available. Avoid streetlights and utility wires, which may become electrical threats. Stay in an open area until you are sure the shaking has stopped.

If you are at or near a coastal area, immediately move inland towards higher ground. Earthquakes may cause high waves or result in a tsunami.

What to do in an earthquake when driving

If you're in a car, you should stay in the car during the shaking. If you feel the ground shaking, safely get over to the side of the road as quickly as you can. Stopping in the road may lead to accidents and block emergency responders. Try to avoid stopping near buildings, trees or overpasses. Once you're stopped, turn on your hazard lights. After the shaking stops, be aware that roads may be damaged, especially bridges and ramps.

What if you are trapped in debris after an earthquake?

Stay calm and cover your mouth with your clothing. Tap on a wall or pipe — or blow a whistle if you have one — to help alert rescuers. You should only shout as a last resort to avoid inhaling dangerous amounts of dust.

If you've been affected by the recent earthquake in your area and need to report your claim, text the word “CLAIM” to 62789 to receive a link or you can report easily through statefarm.com®, our State Farm mobile app, contacting your State Farm agent or calling 800-SFClaim 800-732-5246800-732-5246.

If you determine your home sustained damage, to protect your property from further damage or loss, be sure to make reasonable and necessary temporary repairs. Keep an accurate record of repair expenses along with any photos of damage. If you have a covered loss, these repairs may be reimbursed by State Farm.

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