Answers about automatic sprinkler systems

Get answers and know the facts about automatic sprinkler systems.

Automatic sprinkler system on a ceiling.

When it comes to automatic sprinkler systems, what is fact and what is fiction?

The best way to fight the spread of a fire in your place of business is an automatic fire sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems can be cost-effective. If you are planning a new building, sprinklers add between $1 to $2 per square foot to construction costs — about the same as new carpeting, and may also qualify for discounts on your insurance premiums. The price is higher for fitting existing buildings — between $2 to $7 per square foot covered. Sprinklers offer the highest degree of fire protection, when well-maintained and working, and are designed to control a fire even when the workplace is not occupied. They greatly reduce property losses by fighting a fire in its early stage.

If a fire starts somewhere in the building, will all the sprinklers go off and spray every room, leading to property damage?

Each sprinkler is individually activated by the heat of the fire. Each sprinkler reacts to the temperature in the room where it's installed, not to the reactions of the other sprinklers in the system.

Does water damage from an automatic sprinkler system cost more than actual fire damage?

An automatic sprinkler system is the best way to protect your business. In an environment with no system in place, a fire can spread through an entire building, potentially damaging a significant amount, if not all, of a business's property. With a sprinkler system, that same fire should be controlled in the room where it started with only a few sprinklers. All the other business property would remain safe.

Is the fire sprinkler installation and maintenance worth it?

The amount to install a sprinkler system is minimal when compared to the amount of damages that may result from a fire. Automatic sprinkler systems are pretty low maintenance. They need to be inspected annually, but their lifespan can last up to 20 years without major repairs or upgrades.

Do automatic sprinkler systems only save your property?

Sprinklers are not only there to protect your property, they also provide a high level of life protection. Statistics have revealed that there have never been multiple casualties due to fire in a building fully and properly equipped with sprinklers. Sprinklers dampening the flames reduces the risk of smoke inhalation and injury.

Despite the evidence proving the effectiveness of sprinkler systems, some people are still skeptical about their value and role in controlling fires. Know the difference between fact and fiction to help you make an informed decision about an automatic sprinkler system. For information about residential and business sprinkler systems, visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition and take action to protect your home and business against fires.

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