How to Get Rid of Nuisance Deer

How to Get Rid of Nuisance Deer

Deer in a yard

Deer can be one of your lawn's worst enemies. Cornell University estimates that deer cause $250 million in landscape damage each year. Consider these tips to help prevent nuisance deer from taking over your yard.

Repellents: Certain odors and tastes can deter deer. Buy deer repellent or try one of these home remedies:

  • Spray a 20/80 mixture of egg and water around the yard.
  • Hang a bar of soap from a tree limb.
  • Spread a mixture of hot sauce, liquid dish soap, garlic powder and water.

Be sure to apply repellents at least 24 hours before expected precipitation. Spray mixtures to heights of at least six feet and reapply every 30 days.

Scare Tactics: Try to frighten nuisance deer using motion-activated lights, loud noises or whistles, or scarecrows. Just be sure to keep your neighbors in mind.

Netting: Wrapping shrubs and flowerbeds in netting creates a barrier between the plants and the deer. Add tubing around tree trunks for protection, but be sure it's loose enough to allow tree growth.

Fencing: Building a fence can help keep nuisance deer at bay. Temporary electric fences can be cost effective and efficient for deterring deer, but there are also plants that attract deer less —¬†such as birch trees, boxwood trees, daffodils and lavender — to help reduce damage.


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