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Why you should consider pet insurance

Pets are integral members of the family. So, insure them like family. Purchase dog insurance or cat insurance to help protect against the unexpected!

Couple considering why they need pet insurance while holding their new puppy

Pets are important members of the family. They are movie night and pizza buddies. They are play pals for children. Some are even emotional and medical assist companions. We adopt them to build lifelong bonds and happy memories. However, pets also come with potential health issues, like genetic gum disease, arthritis, and pesky parasites picked up from the dog park. To focus on the love and fun a pet can bring, instead of the extra cost, all pet parents should consider purchasing pet insurance from a reputable, caring company.

Is pet insurance worth purchasing? Below are the top 3 reasons to purchase pet medical insurance, in descending order:

Pet Insurance Allows You to Control the Controllables

Covering the anticipated costs of daily life is hard enough. Rent or the mortgage. Internet. Electric. Gas. Groceries. Diapers. Dog Food. That family phone plan where someone always goes over their data limit. The list goes on, but paychecks are finite. Don’t let your pet’s unexpected healthcare needs demolish your budget.

Purchasing Dog Medical Insurance Can Cover You in Case:

  • Sweet Pea your Beagle puppy decides she doesn’t like the baby gate separating you from her. So, she tries scaling it and breaks her leg.
  • Lady Birdy makes a friend at the dog park, who was recently rescued from the local dog shelter and is still contagious with Kennel Cough.
  • Maxie your shelter puppy — part Chihuahua part Terrier part you don’t know what — has severe hereditary issues that were not present at the time of adoption but will arise as he ages.

Purchasing Cat Medical Insurance Would Work the Same:

  • Your tabby Zoe is young enough and healthy enough that she does not present signs of diabetes, but her breed is known for developing this illness as they age.
  • Zazzy, your Siamese show cat, has developed cancer in her ovaries because she was not spayed soon enough, and now needs surgery.

To fully protect your pet and your budget, pet insurance should be purchased the day of adoption. Starting and maintaining your policy when the pet is young and healthy will ensure access to all available benefits over their lifetime.

The Market for Available Pet Medical Insurance Policies Grows Every Day. Get the Most Bang for Your Buck By:

  • Choosing the right deductible for your budget and breed: weigh a $0 deductible vs. $1000 deductible against the cost of your monthly or annually premiums. Also, consider:
    • Is your pet generally healthy without a pre-disposition for genetic disorders and health issues?
    • Or, is your pet healthy but they have a known pre-disposition for inherited long-term, possibly-terminal, health issues that could require life-long treatment?
    • And that any pet of any breed can be injured by accident or disease.
  • Reviewing offered plans and related coverages: ask your agent what’s covered and what’s excluded. If the list of exclusions is longer than the list of what is covered, maybe you should rethink that purchase. Don’t let cheaper upfront costs ruin your budget in the long run.
  • Researching the breed, or mix of breeds of your pet: make sure that you anticipate their future needs. If their breed has a history of genetic disorders - such as hip dysplasia, heart disease, or an allergy to the rabies vaccine - that causes chronic illness and a severely reduced immune system, then make sure the policy you purchase covers it.

Plan for the unexpected so you can control the controllable, and maintain your healthy budget.

Extend Your Pet’s Life Expectancy

Pet medical policies allow regular access to affordable pet medical treatment. Pet parents are likely subject to paying the full price of their vet bill immediately upon receipt of treatment. Without assistance from a pet medical policy, diagnostic tests, medication required for chronic conditions, unexpected surgeries and hospital stays, or newly-needed animal prosthetic devices and carts can quickly eat up a pet parent’s budget. This often scares pet parents from taking their pets to the vet as often as needed. It also causes them to regularly switch vets based on the price of service rather than on the quality of service received.

Pet insurance helps your pets get the care they needs as often as they need it, with the vet you trust.

Help Protect Against The Unexpected

The number one reason to purchase a pet insurance policy is protection against the unexpected. Let your pet insurance provider worry about the holistic cost of unexpected emergencies as well as general care. You worry about finding Snicker Doodle’s favorite treat, going on hikes together, and building an overall safe place for your rescued best buddy.

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