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Keeping pets and your home safe

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day safely with your pet

Consider these Valentine's Day pet safety tips when you celebrate the season of love with your cat or dog.

What to expect in the first 3 months after adopting a new dog

The first three months with a new adopted dog are filled with surprises, but you can prepare by being flexible and following the 3-3-3 rule.

Safety tips for camping and hiking with your dog

How to plan a hike or camping trip with your best friend.

Pet hazards

If you take a look around your space, you will likely find household items dangerous for dogs and things toxic to cats. Help protect your pet — before they get into trouble — with these tips.

Winter pet safety tips

Winter and the cooler temperatures can put our pets at risk. Learn how to help your furry family member brave the winter with these cold weather tips for pets.

Pet safe house plants

Learn about some pet friendly plants, as well as poisonous house plants to avoid, to help keep your cat and dog happy and healthy.

What kind of leash, collar or harness is right for my dog?

Learn about the common types of dog leashes, collars and harnesses to help your family find the right fit for your best friend.

Summer pet safety tips

Protect your pet from these 5 common safety hazards.

How to help with separation anxiety in dogs

Learn about separation anxiety in dogs and how you can help your furry family member.

How to calm a dog or cat during a storm

Thunderstorms can be a stressful time for your pets. Learn about ways to calm a dog or cat during a storm to help prepare your pet for the unexpected.

A guide to responsible pet adoption

If you're planning on bringing home a new pet, you will want to consider these factors before adopting.

Survival tips for all dog parents

During the Coronavirus pandemic we're home more with our dogs. Our dogs enjoy our company but may need quiet time of their own.

Tips for pet safety at home and in the car

Here are ways to keep your dog, cat, bird and more safe while you drive or are at home.

National Animal Poison Prevention Week: What you need to know

Poison Prevention Week isn’t just about humans. Protect dogs and cats at home with these simple tips for identifying and preventing toxic ingestion in pets.

Traveling with pets

How to road trip with dogs or cats

Traveling with a dog or cat? Here are tips to consider when driving with pets.

Why you should never leave pets in hot cars

It can take just 15 minutes for dogs and cats to die of heatstroke inside a hot vehicle.

Drive safely with pets in cars

Is your pet free-ranging in the car? Better check local laws and crate or tether her up.


How to shop for pet insurance: 9 questions to ask

Knowing how to choose pet insurance is tricky. Asking these questions will help you understand your pet’s health needs and find a policy that fits.

Why you should consider medical insurance for your pet

Pets are integral members of the family. So, insure them like family. Purchase dog or cat medical insurance to protect your pet against the unexpected!

How pet medical insurance can help you budget

No pet owner wants the stress of a sick pet or unanticipated bills. Pet medical insurance can help you budget for those moments.

Why your cat needs health insurance

Cat health insurance allows you to take care of the health needs of your cat throughout its lifetime.

Why your dog needs health insurance

Protect your dog for its lifetime with health insurance.

How pet health insurance is different from human health insurance

Discover the benefits of having pet health insurance.

Dog health issues by breed and common cat diseases

Your furry friends may be prone to certain medical conditions just based on their breed so check this out to get more info.

Other pet articles

State Farm® sponsoring Canine Companions for Independence

Learn how raising service dogs is a family business.

State Farm® supporting The Humane Society

For four-legged friends, an emergency can get off to a rough start. Here's how to prepare.

Arson dogs help sniff out the facts about suspicious fires

Since its inception, the State Farm® Arson Dog Program has put more than 435 dogs and their partners to work in 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces.

How to prevent dogs from biting

Dog bites can be a costly liability for pet owners.

It's not the breed, it's the dog bite

Dog bites can impact bite victims even after scars heal, so use caution around canines.

COVID-19 pet preparedness

As a pet parent you can be prepared with your pets care if COVID-19 should appear in your home.

A nose that knows: Support and service dog jobs

Dogs are more than just man's best friend. Some dogs have specialized jobs in the workforce.

Budgeting for a pet

Learn about different costs of owning a pet and how to budget for them.

Happy paw-lidays! 8 unique gifts for dogs and cats

Celebrate dogs, cats, and pet lovers with these fun gift ideas for the holidays. From cool gadgets to pet insurance, there’s something here for everyone.

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