Pet winter safety tips

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Learn about some cold weather pet safety tips to consider for your furry family member during the winter season.

Dog playing in the snow while keeping warm in a winter jacket.

Safety may be front of mind for pet owners during the colder months. While you may look to get outdoors and spend time with your furry friends, it may be important to consider if your pets are prepped and ready for winter.

Keep your pet's paws protected

Whether your pet is out for a walk or playing in the backyard, it's important to remember to protect your furry friend's paws. For example, items like ice, snow and salt can have an effect on your pets. In fact, salt can be toxic to pets. Consider wiping your pet's paws off after walks and try snow booties to help avoid any injuries, accidents or illnesses.

Bundle up to help keep your pets warm

If you're going to be spending anytime outdoors, make sure your pet is dressed properly for the weather. Naturally, it may depend on your dog or cat whether they need extra layers of clothing. If you have a puppy or shorthaired breed dog you may opt for a jacket, vest or sweater to help keep them warm in the cold.

Antifreeze hazard

Winter can bring many seasonal hazards to the mix that may affect your furry friends. One hazard that you may not always think of is antifreeze. In fact, antifreeze can be toxic if ingested by your pets. Often confused for water, this sweet-smelling hazard can be deadly if not immediately addressed. If you believe your pet has ingested antifreeze, seek the medical care of your veterinarian.

Toxic foods

The holidays seem to bring friends and family together. Whether you're hosting a family event or attending a function, make sure to consider your pets before attending. From everything to chocolate, onions, garlic and tomatoes, these are just a few foods that can be toxic to your cat or dog. Consider keeping your pets in a pet-friendly space or opt to leave your furry friends at home.

Limit time outdoors

Every pet is different and may react differently to a change in weather conditions. Just like any other season, the weather can vary depending on the time of day. Consider planning any outdoor activities with the weather in mind and try taking breaks to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Prep your car

Car safety is important during all times of the year and winter is no exception. Naturally, cats and kittens like a warm environment, so make sure to check your engine before you start your car. Also, whenever traveling with your pet in the car, make sure to secure your cat or dog with a crate or harness. Further, you may encounter additional winter hazards on the road like ice, snow and traffic. It's a good idea to keep an emergency kit in the car for these situations.

You want to enjoy everything the season has to offer with your furry friends. While you prepare for the season, the unexpected can happen. If your pet does become sick or injured, you want to get your furry family member the medical care they need. Consider how pet medical insurance can be there for your pet when they need it most.

Learn how a pet insurance policy can be there throughout your pet's lifetime.

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