Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: Get Paid What You're Worth

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Get Paid What You’re Worth

You’re a business, price it right. Use this formula to determine a rate that works for your biz.

You’ve finally finished your client’s project. Helping to improve this individual’s time management was no easy task, but you did it. Then you look at your invoice and think, “wait, that’s how much I got paid? But I put in waaay more time and effort than that.”

Don’t worry. Figuring out the price of your services takes time and practice. There are ways to make that process go smoother and eliminate face-palm moments. Start by asking the following:

Ask Yourself: How much do I need to live? How many hours can I work before losing my mind?

We put together a formula for you. Since three’s the magic number, it’s three steps:

1. Determine need - What do I need to get by each week? Answer, I need about one thousand dollars a week to cover my rent and expenses.

2. Determine capacity - How much can I work and stay sane? Answer, I'm maxed out with meetings, emails, and designing after 40 hours.

3. Divide need by capacity - I need to charge $25 per hour at the very least.

That’s all there is to it. It’s what you need to live and how much you can give. The most important thing here is to NOT sell your services short, and only you can decide what the right amount is for you. Take pride in what you do and let your services show it.

Remember This: You’re a business just like the big guys. Price your needs and capacity accordingly.

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author-nextdoor-floThis tip comes from Flo Hardy. Flo is a lawyer, CEO of a crowdfunding portal, entrepreneur and Founder of SmallBizFlo, a blog offering up tips for solopreneurs, freelancers and gigworkers. Hit her up with questions on aligning your work and your worth at @smallbizflo on Twitter.


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