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Take Charge of Your Own Success

Nobody cares about your success more than you do. Take charge of it by shifting your mindset.

Found your passion. Check. Your business is taking off. Double check. Time to coast? Nope. Definitely not. Hands back on the steering wheel. If you find yourself expecting someone else make big moves for you, it’s time to check in with your motivating force and reevaluate your mindset. There’s such a thing as falling victim to your own success.

Instead of this- I'm going to post my art portfolio on all social platforms and hope for the best. Think this- Sure, I'll post my art on Instagram and Facebook. But I'm also going to hit the pavement. Are coffee shops looking to feature local artists? What about art fairs? I need more eyes on my work.Instead of this- My shop is new in this area. People walking by will obviously notice. Think this- I want people outside this neighborhood to come into my shop. It's poster time. And social media time. And reaching out to other business owners to partner and support each other time.Instead of this- This individual was interested in backing my time management app. Maybe they need more time. Think this- If I don't hear back from this individual about my app in a week, I'll follow up with a phone call. In fact, I'll reach out to more potential backers. Self-promotion, baby.
Don’t wait for success to find you. Instead, be proactive and look for ways to promote your own success. Ask for help. Lean on others for support. Others can and certainly will help you, but it’s up to you to put in the hard work. The person who cares most about getting off the struggle bus is you.

Remember This: Nobody cares about your success more than you.

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author-nextdoor-jonathanThis tip comes from Jonathan Prichard. Jonathan is an Entertainer, M.C., Motivational Keynote speaker and Founder of Like a Mindreader. Hit him up with questions on taking charge of your success @likeamindreader on Twitter.


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