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Sports Car Insurance from
State Farm®

If you own a sports car, you know how fun they are to drive – and how expensive they are to insure. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, but if you're a State Farm customer, we'll help steer you toward ways to make your sports car insurance cost less, without putting the brakes on your enjoyment of the open road.

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State Farm is a solid choice for sports car insurance

There's a good reason why State Farm is the largest insurer of cars and other vehicles in the US. In fact, there are several:

  • Manage your car insurance with mobile apps, and easy-to-use online tools.
  • Personalized service from thousands of local agents.
  • Discounts and savings make sports car insurance from State Farm an even better value.

What is a sports car?

Not all fast cars are considered to be sports cars. Other factors to consider include:

  • Engine size,
  • Number of cylinders,
  • Height,
  • Weight,
  • Horsepower and
  • Make and model.

You’ll want to talk to your agent to see if your car is classified as a sports car.

Here's why sports car insurance can be expensive

With all the technology that goes into sports cars, you'd think they'd be the safest cars you can drive. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Cars with powerful engines may encourage some people to drive faster.
  • If they're totaled or stolen, sports cars usually cost more to replace.
  • High-performance parts are more expensive to replace.

Making sports car insurance less expensive

Sports car insurance can be more expensive than insurance for other kinds of cars, but you may be able to lower your costs while maintaining the coverage you want. Some things that might lower your rate include:

  • Installing a car alarm or some other kind of anti-theft device.
  • Using a different car for everyday driving.
  • Reducing the miles you drive your sports car.
  • Maintaining a driving record that's free of moving violations, license suspensions, and at-fault accidents.
  • Insuring multiple cars to get a multiple auto savings.
  • Combining your auto and home insurance to get a multiple line savings.
  • Taking a driver safety course. Ask a local State Farm agent for a list of qualifying courses and requirements.
  • Purchasing a car with a higher safety rating.
  • Considering alternate coverage limits.

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