Car windshield shattered by pumpkin

How to help avoid car vandalism on Halloween

Learn a few tips to help protect your car from Halloween vandalism.

Halloween can be a time for carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, trick-or-treating, giving out candy and enjoying fall treats. According to the Smithsonian, some of the early Halloween traditions included pranks and mischief. Some of those pranks still happen today and can extend to car vandalism — including flattening car tires and smashing pumpkins and eggs on windshields.

Check out some tips below on how to help protect your car from vandalism during Halloween.

Check your surroundings

Where you park your car can affect its likelihood of being vandalized. At home, try to park in the garage. If you don't have a garage, consider using motion lights that can help deter vandals and alert you or your neighbors if activity is detected near your vehicle or driveway.

When you're away from home, park in a well-lit, populated area — preferably a gated lot or secure parking garage. For added protection, park in a spot away from objects that might conceal vandals, such as large vehicles, dumpsters or shrubbery. If you are visiting a friend, ask their advice for a safe place to park.

Measures to take before Halloween

Try to eliminate temptations

Remove valuables and any evidence of them from your vehicle. For example, remove laptop or shopping bags and consider storing coins, sunglasses and cell phone chargers in the center console.

Bumper stickers may also tempt vandals. If someone doesn't agree with your expressed views, you could become the target of vandalism.

Take extra security measures

Consider adding an alarm system and/or surveillance cameras to your car to help make it a less desirable target. If it's clear your vehicle has these, vandals may keep walking. Sometimes, simply having a security system decal on a window is enough to discourage them.

Also remember to close your car windows and lock up, even when you park it at home. Open windows might give vandals an opportunity to throw rotten foods, eggs and other objects inside your car.

Wax your vehicle

Waxing your vehicle shortly before Halloween may provide an extra layer of protection from many types of elements — those encountered in daily life — and those caused by vandals.

Have cleaning supplies ready

Consider having microfiber cloths and a spray bottle with a mix of water and car cleaning solution available. If contaminants are dropped on your car, you may be able to clean it shortly after.

What if pranks or damage occur?

If your car is accessible to others during the week of Halloween, try to check it early each morning. The earlier you detect any damage, the better. Some damage may be removed or minimized by washing the damage from your vehicle — be cautious about scratching the finish. If damage is permanent, consider filing a claim.

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