Golf cart parked in front of a garage.

Gas vs electric golf cart

When buying a golf cart you'll need to decide between gas and electric. Consider use, maintenance and cost to help decide which is right for you.

Which is better — gas or electric golf cart?

It depends on how you'll use the golf cart and a few other factors. If you're thinking of adding one to your vehicle collection, read on for thoughts on how to choose between a gas vs electric golf cart to fit your needs.

How you'll use a golf cart:

  • Desired range – An electric cart's range is typically 15 to 25 miles, depending on the type of battery. With a 4 to 6 gallon fuel tank, you might average 100 to 180 miles with a gas cart.
  • Business or pleasure – If you're using a cart for maintenance work, you may need something more powerful. Gas carts tend to have more power, with their internal combustion engine (ICE) motors averaging 10 to 12 horsepower. Electric carts typically have 3 to 5 horsepower motors.
  • Custom built – If you're planning to modify your golf cart, gas may be preferred since add-ons might reduce the range of an electric cart.
  • On the golf course – Many golf courses are switching to electric golf carts due to overall lower costs, mainly because the cost of electricity is less than the cost of gas.
  • Indoors – Electric is the clear choice due to quieter noise levels and no carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Street legal golf carts – One of your questions may beCan you drive a golf cart on public roads”? Local laws and requirements vary, so check with the local municipality of where you will be driving the cart.

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Golf cart maintenance

Electric – If one of your priorities is buying a golf cart that's easier to maintain, electric may be the way to go. Your key maintenance will consist of checking and maintaining water/electrolyte levels in the cart's batteries and keeping the batteries at the appropriate level of charge. Golf cart batteries typically last between 5 to 7 years and may cost between $800 and $2,000 to replace.

Gas – With a gas cart, you'll need to change the oil regularly and replace spark plugs and oil filters.

Both carts will require regular maintenance on tires, suspension, steering and brakes. See that you have a place to store your golf cart, too. If you don't, you may have additional storage costs to consider.

Golf cart resale values

If you're buying new, the initial purchase price is typically similar for gas and electric golf carts. Once you're looking to resell though (or if you're buying used), gas golf carts may have a higher resale value than electric carts due to the possibility of needing to replace batteries on the electric cart.

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