Fitness Community Fundraises to Help Family in Need

How One Crossfit Community Came Together to Help a Family in Need

Video Transcript

At State Farm®, we want to recognize good neighbors that are helping their communities and show everyone that even the smallest act of kindness can change the world. Be inspired by these community service stories through our partnership with The Huffington Post and help us recognize those who are making a difference. Check out the original article on Huffington Post.

How a Unique Fundraiser Idea Helped a Family in Need

Philip and Holly Tabor always dreamed of owning a gym and now are owners of a thriving CrossFit fitness center in Cary, North Carolina. Their passion for helping people and supporting their fitness community was clearly exemplified with Bryce and Jessi Stephenson.

The Tabors met the Stephensons through their CrossFit community and quickly became friends and neighbors. When Philip found out about the Stephensons' pregnancy and how their future son would have a cleft lip and possibly a cleft palate, he had to do something to help.

Being a father himself and knowing the out-of-pocket expenses for the surgery would be high, Philip came up with a unique fundraising idea: a row-a-thon. With the help from other CrossFit and fitness communities volunteering their time & resources, they were able to raise almost $15,000 for the Stephenson Family.

Watch the video and see how the fitness community's passion to help a family in need came to life from a unique, but simple fundraising idea.

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