Happy paw-lidays! 8 unique gifts for dogs and cats

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Celebrate dogs, cats, and pet lovers with these fun gift ideas for the holidays. From cool gadgets to pet insurance, there’s something here for everyone.

Pets do a lot for us throughout the year. They snuggle us when we need support, provide warmth when we’re cold, and keep us endlessly entertained with their quirky antics. When the December holidays roll around, we want to celebrate pets as well as the people who love them.

But what do you get for dogs and cats (and pet owners) who already have plenty of food and toys? This holiday pet gift guide can help!

8 gifts for pets (and pet owners!)

Whether you’re in need of presents for your furry family members or looking for great gift ideas for pet owners, we’ve got you covered. From creative snuffle mats and the ultimate interactive dog feeder to quality pet health coverage, here’s a list of gifts for pets that are sure to make the season merry and bright.

1. Festive collar

Pets are a part of the family. So while everyone else is donning ugly sweaters and holiday colors, why not include dogs and cats in the fun? Rather than forcing them into clothes they don’t want to wear, a healthier option for pets is a fun, seasonal collar.

Featuring fun designs like rows of Christmas trees and sparkly menorahs, pet supply retailers are full of great options. For the safety-minded, you could even get a collar that lights up green and red for pets who go on walks at night.

2. Homemade dog treats

Sure, you could pop over to the pet store this time of year and see a number of holiday-themed treats. But if you’re looking for more personal gifts for pets, consider making your own homemade dog treats. From baked peanut butter creations to frozen yogurt pops, these thoughtful snacks are bound to beat any Christmas cookie for the pup who receives them.

Just be sure to practice good pet poison prevention and avoid any toxic ingredients.

3. Puzzle feeder

A puzzle feeder is a great way of engaging a pet’s mind while ensuring they don’t scarf down their food too quickly. While both cats and dogs can benefit from these, they may enjoy them in different forms. For example, a fun puzzle feeder for cats will have areas they can easily interact with using their paws, like a box with different-sized holes or a tray with pieces that can be opened or shut. A puzzle feeder for dogs will engage the canine brain with buttons or a maze-like layout that the dog has to navigate.

Want to help keep pets away from the presents for humans this year? Give them a puzzle feeder right before everyone else starts opening their gifts.

4. Snuffle mat

Snuffle mats may look funny at first, but they make fantastic gift ideas for pets! These mats are essentially small rugs made with loose fabric. The fabric creates plenty of natural hiding places for treats, providing pets with stimulation and problem-solving time as they “snuffle” through the mat in search of a reward. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to go as festive as you want this season.

5. Cat roller toy

Looking for unique cat gifts that provide hours of entertainment for feline and human alike? Consider a cat roller toy. These come in a big range of shapes, sizes and colors, but the most common is a simple tower of three tiers with balls that roll around each level. Watch as kitty bats around the balls, getting plenty of exercise to work off those extra holiday snacks.

Though these are typically meant as gifts for cats, dogs may enjoy hitting the balls around too.

6. Smart feeder

For pet parents who work long hours outside of the home or are going on a day trip, a smart feeder enables pet parents to keep meals on schedule. Today’s smart feeders connect with phones and can be set up to dispense pet food on set timelines. And with pre-measured portions, they also make great gift ideas for pet owners who struggle with giving animals the right quantities at mealtime.

7. Winter dog gear

For many people, the holiday season marks the official start of winter. While the average cat may prefer spending this time of year curled up indoors, dogs often enjoy romping around in the snow. So, why not embrace the cold weather and give the gift of winter dog gear?

Dog jackets and vests are the obvious go-to’s, but it’s important to consider paw protection. Exposure to snow and ice can hurt dogs’ feet, and cold weather in general can result in dry, cracked paw pads. A nice pair of winter dog boots could be among the most useful gift ideas for pet owners and pups alike this season.

8. Pet health insurance

Want to give a truly meaningful pet gift this holiday season? Pet insurance can help save lives by covering the costly veterinary treatments that come with unexpected illnesses and injuries. The truth is that no pet parent can predict when or if something will happen to their furry family member, but a good pet insurance policy can help take away the worry and allow necessary care to take place.

Whether you're looking at gift ideas for pet owners or you need a present for your own dog or cat, pet insurance is something that can carry the positive spirit of the season throughout the months and years to come. Learn more about pet health insurance and how it works today.

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