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Friendly date ideas on a budget

Fun date ideas for couples don't have to be budget busters. Here are a few options for a budget-friendly and memorable date night.

Date night ideas on a budget

Particularly when your budget is tight, it's the intention behind your date night plans that's important. There are many ways to plan quality time together, especially when you are possibly juggling work schedules, kids and activity schedules. Whatever it is you plan, be sure it is something you both find relaxing and can enjoy.

Although many couples find it difficult to discuss finances and budgeting, it is important to plan and align goals to work toward together. Planning ahead for date nights, a dream vacation, a volunteer vacation or other activities that you both enjoy is key. Here are a few simple and inexpensive date night ideas.

Date nights with friends

There are many ways to have fun with friends while spending money wisely. Plan a cook-out, go bowling, enjoy a community event or go out and support a small business together. If you are new to a community, finding things you both enjoy and love is a great way to find lifelong friends. Find creative ways to volunteer together as partners or with other couples.

Fun outdoor date ideas

Nature provides many of the simplest and inexpensive date options. Spending time together outdoors offers opportunities to find new activities and places you enjoy. Ideas may include wandering state parks, beaches, rivers or lakes. Perhaps plan a picnic or try a small local diner with outdoor seating options. Many couples enjoy time gardening together, flying kites or simply taking a walk and eating ice cream. Hiking, camping, canoeing/kayaking, riding bikes or building something together are other fun outdoor ideas.

Volunteer dates

An inexpensive alternative to traditional date nights is to give back to your community. There are many opportunities to be together, make memories and help others at the same time. It could be helping a neighbor together or donating time and skills to an organization or charity. Be sure to choose an organization you're both passionate about.

Community and cultural event dates

Many couples like to spend time together enjoying community events. These are usually inexpensive, and many times are free. Popular events for couples include film or music festivals, arts festivals, food festivals, parades and more. When planning for your date, search for a local play, concert or show of some kind and support the local creators. Challenge yourself to find an event or show that is minimally priced.

Reaching your financial goals together requires planning, but couples can benefit in the short and long run by budgeting. Planning date nights ahead can keep you both on track.

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