Know landlord maintenance responsibilities before moving in

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Landlord maintenance responsibilities should be clear

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If something breaks in your apartment or stops working properly, you need to know how to proceed. Before signing a rental agreement, ask your potential landlord about his or her landlord maintenance responsibilities. Landlord responsibilities should be clear from the beginning. This will help you greatly during your tenancy. Here are a few questions you can ask your landlord:

Who do I contact about maintenance issues and how should I reach out?
In most instances, you'll be reaching out to the landlord about maintenance, but it's smart to double check to determine how your landlord prefers to be contacted.

It's likely your landlord will want maintenance requests submitted in an online portal. This keeps the landlord organized, but also benefits you because you have an important paper trail of your request. If your landlord doesn't utilize an online maintenance system, confirm that email is an appropriate way to make contact since a paper trail is still important.

Make sure you have your landlord's correct contact information. You can also ask what a typical turnaround time is for maintenance issues, or if they have a preferred contractor. Questions like these will help you to know how to handle maintenance questions or issues when they occur.

What do I do if there's an emergency maintenance problem?
Emergency maintenance problems are any issues that require immediate attention, such as your pipes bursting or your furnace breaking in the winter months. In the case of an emergency, some landlords have a separate phone number they want you to call. Ask your landlord what protocol he or she would like you to follow in the case of an emergency issue.

Am I responsible for doing any maintenance myself?
It's rare for landlords to require you to fix issues yourself, but it's worth finding out ahead of time. Also ask if you'll be financially responsible for any maintenance.

You should know all the landlord maintenance responsibilities. Handling maintenance the right way will make sure repairs are fixed faster. Continue reading to find out questions to ask your landlord about moving day, so everything goes smoothly. Plus, find out below how you can manage maintenance and communicate with your landlord all online.

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