Will Your Roof Stand Up to a Severe Storm?

Will Your Roof Stand Up to a Severe Storm?

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How durable is your roof? That depends on the type of roofing products used in its construction. One type of roofing product — impact-resistant shingles — can mean a stronger, more durable roof. They are specially designed to help resist damage from hail, flying debris, and high winds.

Think all roofs are the same? They're not.

And the kind you have could make all the difference when the storm hits and possibly leave you with the costly headache of having to replace it. But there's one kind of roofing material that makes it much more likely your roof will weather the storm. Impact-resistant roofing shingles can provide a stronger, more durable roof for your home. That's because they are specially designed to help resist damage from hail, flying debris, and high winds, threats that can shred conventional shingles or tear them away.

Impact-resistant materials typically come in individual shingles or sheet goods and are usually made from asphalt or metal. Shingles resembling wood or slate but that are actually made of cement, plastic, recycled rubber, or molded polymer are also available.

While some of these products may cost a little more, you could save money over time when you consider potential savings from insurance premium discounts, not to mention the reduced likelihood of damage. Your home is your most important asset and investment and its roof one of the main sources of protection, so you want to check it periodically for missed, curled, cracked, or damaged shingles. If you see causes for concern, schedule a professional roof inspection.

Should you need to replace your roof, consider the benefits of having an impact-resistant roof installed, better resistance to wind and flying debris than non-impact-resistant products. In fact, some are warranted by the manufacturer against wind up to 130 miles per hour. A long lifespan, most impact-resistant shingles come with a 30 to 50 year limited product warranty. Protection against fire, as most products are Class A fire rated.

You may also be eligible for an annual discount on your homeowner's insurance premium. As the discount is good for the life of the roof, this is a good selling point should you put your house on the market. And since there's less chance of damage, impact-resistant roofs have a minimal impact on the environment. For a list of states and provinces where impact-resistant roofs may qualify for a discount, simply go to statefarm.com or statefarm.ca or talk to your agent. You can walk in, call in, or click in today.


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