Life 101: Preparing for a Baby

Put these to-dos on your list to get ready for a baby.


Start an emergency fund (if you haven’t already). Save enough to cover 3 to 9 months of expenses.

Revisit your current budget.
Consider the cost of:

  • Prenatal care, birth and delivery
  • One-time baby purchases, such as a stroller and crib
  • Maternity and/or paternity leave
  • New monthly bills, such as day care and diapers

Start a college fund.


Health insurance
Check your insurance carrier’s benefits for new family members, determine the effective date, and learn how and when to add your child. Also: Find an in-network pediatrician.

Life insurance
The cost for a term life insurance policy is typically very affordable and can help ensure your growing family is taken care of financially should the unexpected happen. Check into a basic plan for your child as well.

Disability insurance
Consider adding, or increasing, coverage to compensate for additional monthly expenses.


There will be lots of paperwork. Consider choosing a system or dedicated spot to store it all beforehand.

If you deliver at a hospital, you apply for a birth certificate and Social Security card. If you deliver elsewhere, work with your doctor to obtain a birth certificate and apply at for a Social Security card.


Call your State Farm agent to find out which insurance plans are right for your family.