Golf cart safety tips

Keep these tips in mind, wherever your golf cart takes you.

Golf carts aren't just for golfing these days. There are now golf cart communities where golf carts are a typical means of transportation. They're also big at campgrounds, festivals and events; and some areas are even allowing them on trails normally reserved for hiking and biking.

And while a golf cart can be a lot of fun to drive, it's important to remember that it is a vehicle and not a toy. Read on for some important safety tips to help keep you, and everyone around you, safe.

Test Golf cart safety basics

  • Read the owner's manual for important safety information and to get to know your vehicle.
  • Check your state's laws for driving golf carts outside of the golf course, including any age or licensing requirements.
  • Only carry the number of passengers for which you have seats.
  • Establish a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Stay away from your golf cart and golf clubs during lightning.
  • Remove any valuables from the cart when leaving it.

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While you're driving

  • Use seatbelts, if available, since they may be required when driving on public streets.
  • Advise all passengers to keep feet, legs, hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times.
  • Do not start driving until all passengers are fully seated.
  • Operate the golf cart from the driver's seat ONLY.
  • Check that the direction selector is in the correct position before accelerating.
  • Obey and follow all traffic rules, whether on the golf course or public street.
  • Slow down before and during turns.
  • When turning, use turn signals or hand signals.
  • Bring the golf cart to a full stop before changing the selector to forward or backward.
  • Check behind you before operating in reverse.
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Do not text and drive the golf cart; distracted driving applies to golf carts just like cars.
  • Do not allow anyone to stand in a moving golf cart.
  • Do not drive the cart while under the influence.
  • When parked, always fully engage the parking brake.
  • Remove the key before leaving the vehicle.

Adapting to your terrain

  • Use extra care and reduce speed when driving in bad weather or on poor surfaces.
  • Avoid extremely rough terrain.
  • Don't drive fast downhill, and try to avoid steep slopes.
  • Be aware that sudden stops or change of direction could make you lose control of the vehicle.

Street legal golf cart driving

Check state and local laws to determine under what circumstances a golf cart can be driven on public roadways.

Whether you're driving a gas or electric golf cart on the course or off, staying safe should be a priority. If you have questions about off-road insurance coverage for your golf cart or any other recreational vehicle, your State Farm® agent is here to help.

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Golf cart safety tips

Keep these tips in mind, wherever your golf cart takes you.

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