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Buying the best car seat

One of Your Most Important Parental Purchases: The life-saving car seat.

Man and woman holding baby.

For Your Child, Your Car And Your Budget

The most important job as a parent is to keep your kids safe.

You can't prevent every bump and bruise but there is one thing that could be the difference between life and death. A properly installed and used car seat. It is estimated that in 2015 child restraint systems were responsible for saving 266 children under age 5. Having your child in a restraint system is literally a life-saver. There are four basic types of car seats: rear facing only, convertible, combination and booster seats. Then there are thousands of models to choose from for each type of seat!

PRO-TIP: All seats have to meet the same federal safety standards. So, how do you narrow down the field?

First and foremost, get the right type of seat for your child’s age, height, weight and developmental level. And read your vehicle owner’s manual and the labels for the car seats you are considering buying.

Once you know the type, how do you pick which model to buy? Expensive does not mean better AND NEVER BUY OR USE A USED CAR SEAT. You may think you are getting a bargain but it may be missing parts or have been in a crash. Buy one that fits within your family’s budget, you will use correctly every time and is appropriate for your child.

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