Ideas to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day..

Ideas to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day

Love-your-planet activities for everyone in your family.

Arbor Day vs Earth Day

Arbor Day was originally proposed in the 1800's as a day to plant a tree with the intention of repopulation. Arbor Day is now a widely celebrated holiday across the nation. In the 1970's, Earth Day was set as a holiday to raise awareness of pollution and other environmental issues.

These type of holidays are intended to raise public awareness of nature and environmental protection and air and water pollution.

Ways to celebrate

Arbor Day and Earth Day are celebrated in the spring, typically in April and May, depending on your state. Here are a few practical and fun ideas you can do to celebrate these holidays and make a difference.

In your community

  • Get outside and enjoy nature.
  • Plant a tree, plant or community garden.
  • Visit a park or arboretum.
  • Stroll on a beach, bike on a trail or take a hike.
  • Pick up trash along the sidewalks and roads.
  • Help with or coordinate a community service event.
  • Donate to an environmentally friendly cause, charity or food pantry.

In your yard

  • Put up a bird feeder or birdhouse.
  • Pick up fallen sticks to beautify your home.
  • Plant something green, such as a tree, native grasses or butterfly-friendly flowers.
  • Set up a compost bin.

In your home

  • Look for ways to be energy efficient.
    • Fix air and water leaks.
    • Install long-lasting, energy-saving LED light bulbs.
    • Unplug appliances not in use.
  • Switch to earth-friendly cleaning products.
  • Sign up for e-billing on all accounts to reduce paper.
  • Stash and reuse plastic grocery bags.
  • Safely dispose of light bulbs, electronics, batteries, paint and chemicals/toxins.

At your workplace or office

  • Buy a reusable water bottle or coffee cup.
  • Install long-lasting, energy-saving LED light bulbs.
  • Find ways to reduce paper product usage.
  • Commit to biking or carpooling to work once a week.
  • Recycle.

Arbor Day for kids

Think about some of these ideas to celebrate Arbor Day with kids.

  • Participate in or coordinate a kid-friendly volunteer event.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Build a birdhouse or bird feeder.
  • Build a terrarium.
  • Build a bug hotel.
  • Make an Earth Day collage.
  • Create an art project from recycled products.
  • Visit the zoo.
  • Plant something indoors or outdoors.

Earth Day activities for adults

Here are a few Earth Day activities many adults enjoy.

  • Make a donation to a charity in honor of Earth Day.
  • Clean out your closet and donate items to a second-hand store.
  • Plant something indoors or outdoors.
  • Pick up litter in a park or public place.
  • Attend an Earth Day event or lecture.
  • Visit a botanical garden.

You can also contribute and recognize Arbor Day and Earth Day year round by using earth-friendly practices every day.

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