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Articles to Help With Your Retirement Planning

Should I Consider an Annuity?

Many people have questions about annuities. State Farm Agent Sammy Yim is here to help answer them.

Contemplating an Early IRA Withdrawal?

Early IRA withdrawal risks a penalty tax - unless yours meets one of the exceptions.

Make the Most of Extra Income

Make the most of extra income from a raise, bonus or tax refund by creating a spending plan for that extra money, before it hits your account.

Borrowing against funds in your plan may be allowed. But is it ever a good idea?

Situations in which you may qualify for a distribution from a traditional or Roth IRA.

Plug in your savings info and retirement age to discover how much you'll have by then.

Learn the pluses and the minuses of getting all of your IRA and 401(k) ducks in a row.

And how you can work around them.

Follow this simple rollover process to continue building your retirement savings.

Workers don't stay at one employer anymore, so know what to do with your 401(k).

Considering a pre-retirement 401(k) withdrawal? Read this first to help decide.

Even if your savings is small, it's never too late to put aside more for retirement.

The sooner you put these retirement strategies to work, the better you'll feel about saving for retirement.

For small-biz savings plans, there are more ways to save than a traditional 401(k).

Determine if you're saving enough and what can be done to get the savings you need.

Think you're not eligible for a Roth IRA? Think again.

Making the decision to retire is a big one - here's how to know if you're ready.

These are the factors to weigh if you've been offered a lump sum on your pension.

It's wise to be ready to adjust your retirement investments to meet the needs of your post-working years.