An Essential Guide to Driving With Your Teen

Driving tips and tools from State Farm® can help your new teen driver get started on the road. Review important safety information and the essential skills checklist, and Simple Insights® articles that feature topics on modern-day driving.

State Farm customers who meet program requirements might qualify for the Steer Clear Discount1. The best way to complete the Steer Clear Safe Driver Program is with the Steer Clear app. Don’t have a compatible mobile device? Start by reviewing the modules below.

Let’s take a look at some special circumstances and safer ways to drive in them.

State Farm Steer Clear® Program

State Farm Customers who review the modules below and meet additional program requirements might qualify for the Steer Clear Discount Program.

Getting Started

  1. Complete the 5 modules.
  2. Drive at least 5 hours.
  3. Take a minimum of 10 trips.
  4. Complete the Trip Log. [PDF-48.3KB]
  5. Complete the Post-Log Assessment. [PDF-944.2KB]
  6. Sign the Statement of Qualification. [PDF-571.3KB]
  7. Turn in Trip Log and Statement of Qualification to your agent.

Keep Your Skills Fresh With These Driving Tips

Ways to Prevent Drinking and Driving

Share these tips with your teen driver to help promote driving safety.

What Your Teenage Driver Thinks About Driving - and Why It Matters

Key insight about what's going on in the minds of teen motorists.

Have a Teen Driver? Here's How to Help

Teaching your teenager to drive doesn't have to be stressful.

Attention, Teen Drivers: Buckle Up

How you can help your teens make buckling up a habit.

Teen Driving and Texts

Roughly 200,000 crashes each year are caused by texting drivers, but most teens don't see the danger in it.

Animal Collisions When Driving

Animal-car collisions are hazardous to all involved, including your car, so steer clear.

Explore Other Available Driving Discounts

State Farm rewards teens for being good drivers with discounts like Good Student, Drive Safe & Safe™, and the Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount program. Talk to your agent today about availability and eligibility.

Teenage boy learning how to drive a car

Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount

Teenage girl sitting in the drivers seat of a red car holding up her car keys

Good Student Discount

Woman turning to look at her passenger in the back of her car.

Drive Safe & Save

Father and son washing a car

Multiline Discount

Learn About Insurance and Car Buying

Shopping for auto insurance or buying a car for your new teen driver? State Farm is here to help you learn about coverage and financing your vehicle.


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