A list of condo maintenance musts for Spring and Summer

Shake off cold weather and welcome Spring and Summer with smart condo upkeep.

Couple completing condo maintenance.

The best way to make sure you enjoy the outdoors? Stay on top of condo upkeep before Spring and Summer are in full swing. And a well-maintained condo helps you stay ahead of any problems that can quickly go from small to-do's into big issues — and affect the value of your investment. Learn your key condo responsibilities and check off these tasks.

  1. Know what you must maintain and what you don't have to worry about. What you own and what are common elements to all condo owners varies. The best thing to do is understand the covenants, conditions, restrictions and easements, referred to as CC&Rs, of your condo association. In general, however, most of the items inside the unit are your responsibility; outside maintenance and ownership varies.
  2. Clean out inside storage. Clean and pack winter gear and donate any unused items.
  3. Swap exterior storage. If you have a garage or exterior storage unit, empty it and carefully store cold-weather items. Unpack anything you'll need for Spring and Summer.
  4. Wash the windows — inside and out.
  5. Clean up any debris outside in your areas of responsibility.
  6. Replace bulbs in fixtures and touch up paint on any exterior areas that you manage.
  7. Schedule a service check for the HVAC system.
  8. Check your safety systems. This includes sump pumps, new batteries in smoke alarms and a review of fire extinguisher placement, type and expiration date (class ABC is a good multipurpose home option).
  9. Update your policies. Check with your State Farm® agent about coverage, particularly for any storage units on condo property

The information in this article was obtained from various sources not associated with State Farm® (including State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates). While we believe it to be reliable and accurate, we do not warrant the accuracy or reliability of the information. State Farm is not responsible for, and does not endorse or approve, either implicitly or explicitly, the content of any third party sites that might be hyperlinked from this page. The information is not intended to replace manuals, instructions or information provided by a manufacturer or the advice of a qualified professional, or to affect coverage under any applicable insurance policy. These suggestions are not a complete list of every loss control measure. State Farm makes no guarantees of results from use of this information.
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