How to Write an Effective Online Rental Listing

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Write an Effective Online Rental Listing

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The first step on your landlord journey is to find tenants. You don't want a vacancy (when your unit is empty), because a vacant unit means you're not collecting rent. But it's not good enough to just find tenants, you need quality tenants. Quality tenants pay rent on time and take great care of your property. Your property listing or online rental listing should be written so that it attracts the most qualified, responsible tenants.

How do you write an effective rental listing?

The first step is writing a useful title. It should include the rent price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, the neighborhood and a few unique details about your property. Include some attractive features like a recent renovation, city views, new appliances, open floor plan or a rooftop deck.

The next step is writing a rental listing description for your listing (learn more from Avail). The description should highlight important details:

  • What's included in rent: utilities, amenities, dedicated parking space
  • Pet rules: if pets are allowed, pet deposit, pet rent
  • Security deposit amount
  • Screening requirements: if a credit/background check, application, or fee is required
  • Your preferred contact information

The last step, but the most important one, is adding high-quality photos to your listing. Photos have the power to attract a high volume of qualified tenants. They can even justify a higher rent price. Tenants will likely skip over your listing if you don't have photos, or if you don't have a sufficient amount that include every room.


Avoid the common landlord mistake of not utilizing your real estate listing. You don't want to miss your opportunity to gain interest from high-quality tenants, so be sure to spend time writing and creating a listing that attracts the best tenants. Learn how to build an effective rental listing from Avail.

After building your perfect rental listing, the next step is screening tenants. Read the next article to learn how to create a thorough and consistent tenant screening process.

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