New vs. used car — calculate cost of ownership

Purchase price is just one consideration. Also weigh depreciation and interest costs to determine the total cost of car ownership.

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This calculator can help compare the cost of buying a new car vs a used car. Factors such as depreciation, operating and maintenance costs, and years of ownership are used to determine what the overall costs might be.

What factors will determine the results?

  • Purchase price: Purchasing a new vehicle over a used vehicle of the same make and model will clearly cost more. The new vehicle will drop in value more than the used vehicle due to the depreciation rate. Our calculator allows you to select the rate as average, high or low.
  • Depreciation: Some vehicles just depreciate faster than others do. The faster they depreciate the lower the value becomes. Likewise, if they depreciate slower, the resale value is higher.
  • Operating costs: A new vehicle will need less maintenance than a used vehicle. Additionally, the fuel consumption of used vehicles may be more than their newer counterparts.
  • Years of ownership: If you own a vehicle for a longer period of time, the average annual cost might be lower since costs are spread out over the years of ownership.
  • Financing costs: Generally, when getting a car loan, the interest rate for a newer car is less than a used car.

New car vs used car calculator

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Used car results

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A new car will cost, on average, $1 more per year.
The first year's depreciation is 20% on the new car and 10% on the used car. Subsequent years were figured at 10% for both new and used.
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