A simple list can help you save on groceries

The smallest changes can make the biggest impact, like creating a grocery list to help you stay on budget.

Learn how to save in the grocery aisle. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact. See how making a grocery list can help you save in more ways than one. Check out even more effortless ways to save money, and the other lessons Misty and Lakitsia, a State Farm® agent, talk through as they explore her “month in money.”


Video Transcript

Save With a List

Finding ways to save can be difficult, especially when many expenses are necessary, like shopping for groceries. If you step back and take a closer look at your spending habits, you could find new ways to save. You might be wondering how to look at expenses differently when every credit card bill looks just like the next. If you’re not a numbers person, and fancy yourself more of a visual learner, take a look at how we transformed one woman’s monthly expenses into a tangible experience by laying it all out on the table. Literally. We brought Misty’s month in money to life and walked through physical installations that represented her spending, and explored different ways to shake up her habits. For instance, when it comes to buying groceries, Misty typically meanders through the aisles so she doesn’t miss anything. To mix up Misty’s usual routine and help her spend less, we shared how to save money on groceries. First lesson? A list can pack on the savings. Watch Misty learn to Save With a List with the help of State Farm agent, Lakitsia.

On top of grocery shopping, there are additional expenses that are unavoidable, like clothing, utilities, rent, and even hanging out with friends. Saving money doesn’t have to leave you out of the loop from the latest fashions or at home on a Friday night. There are ways to rethink how you shop for these items, just like rethinking how you shop for your food. Learn more Effortless Ways to Save in areas of your spending that feel inevitable.

Sticking to these small adjustments in the areas of your spending that are unavoidable can add up over time, but require a conscious effort. For additional motivation to keep up the good saving work, remember what you’re saving for. Whether it be a long-term financial goal, an upcoming vacation, or simply for good practice, a savings account can also bring a sense of security — specially during an emergency. Life is full of surprises that are good and bad, and usually the bad surprises come with the biggest bills. An emergency can ruin your day, but it doesn’t have to ruin your bank account. Learn how to make a Financial Emergency Plan to prepare yourself for the unexpected. If you find small ways to save in multiple areas in your spending, your savings account will get bigger and bigger. No matter what you’re saving for, even if simply for feeling secure in your finances, your future self will thank you.

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