Home, internet and social platform tips for children, teens and parents

When it comes to prevention and safety, we have information to provide more safety in your home as well as while using the internet and social platforms.

Home prevention

How to select the right safe for you

Home safes are available in a variety of types and have ratings to indicate how secure they are. Read on to select the best type for your needs.

The importance of fire extinguishers and types

Every home should have fire extinguishers that are designed for each type of fire.

Emergency kit supplies to include

Having emergency kit supplies prepared ahead of time may give you the resources you and your family need to stay safe.

Internet safety tips

How to stay safe on public Wifi

When using public Wifi access there are risks involved. We've provided some steps to help protect your information.

Is online banking safe? Yes — but there are some best practices

Paying attention to a few details can go a long way toward boosting your online banking security.

Social media safety tips to protect your information

With the popularity of social media continually growing, it's important to proactively keep yourself safe and your account and information private and secure.

Internet safety tips for teens

Between identity theft, cyberbullying, stalking and phishing scams, steer your teen away from internet dangers with this guide to online safety.

Staying safe on your device

How to know if you are receiving a spoof call

Call spoofing happens all too often, but we have tips for your safety.

Improve your mobile digital document safety

Take steps to strengthen and secure your data if you'll be adding digital ID cards or sensitive edocuments to your smartphone.

How to help protect yourself from data breaches

Learn about data breaches and some tips to help keep your information secure from cyber-thieves.

Digital voice assistant safety tips

Digital assistant privacy concerns are more and more concerning for the people who have one in their homes. Here's how to help boost your protection.

Other prevention and safety tips

Prevent identity theft with these simple tips

Help prevent Identity theft by following cyber security best practices. If you are the victim, discover how to start restoring your identity.

What is identity theft and identity fraud?

Identity theft is the act of stealing someone's personal information and identity fraud is the use of an individual's identifying information to commit crimes.

Phone applications - downloading safety

Smartphone applications can access your data and location. Learn to play safe.

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