Organize your finances

You've got a solid base to build from, now let's talk about organizing that budget.

Chapter 6: Automating spending habits

Tactics like using separate or multiple bank accounts can go a long way to help you make your goals a reality.

Check out this chapter's video: Automating Spending Habits and use the Budgeting 101 worksheet to lay out your plan.

How to organize finances and bills by automating spending habits

Here are some options to explore:

  • Create buckets. Think about how you'd like to organize your spending buckets, then assign an account to each one.
  • Allocate to multiple accounts. You can use automatic transfers between multiple accounts to allocate your money to separate expenses and goals.
  • Be mindful of spending habits. Only automate expenses that are more routine to help you reinforce and protect good spending habits.
  • Set up automatic transfers. You can use automatic transfers between multiple accounts to separate your various expenses to help make sure you don't miss payments.
  • Don't automate a bad habit. Use automation to help build new, better money habits.
  • Fund your accounts. Make sure you have the money in your account when using automation.
  • Set reminders. Set reminders and check-in regularly to make sure the multiple account system works for you.

Your chapter 6 checklist:

  • Watch the Automating Spending Habits video
  • Download the Budgeting 101 worksheet
  • Decide if separate or multiple bank accounts are right for your plan

Next step

Grab your significant other and watch the video: Money management for couples.

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