Simple Money Saving Tips

so that we can help make handling your personal finances a whole lot easier.

Simple Money Saving Tips

Chapter 5: Changing Spending Habits

Budgeting is about learning and making adjustments to help you get where you want to be. After you look over how you’re spending money and compare it to your goals, make the adjustments you need to help you meet your aspirations.

Watch the Changing Spending Habits video to get the information you need to make adjustments to your budget.

Video Transcript

Find Your Budget Rhythm

A weekly allowance is a great way to treat yourself while getting disciplined over your new budget. Consistency is key. Once you land on a budget that works, stick to it. And, if you overspend one week, don’t overcompensate the following week. Just stay with your plan.

Remember, this isn’t about being perfect – cut yourself some slack and do your best.

Your Chapter 5 Checklist:

  • Watch the Changing Spending Habits video
  • Download the Budgeting 101 Worksheet
  • Figure out an allowance amount that works for you

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Organize Your Finances 
No two budgets are alike. Here we show you how to support your goals via technology, baby.