Health and Medicare insurance

Health insurance and Medicare tips from State Farm®.

Health insurance

Do I Have to Have Health Insurance? What Happens If I Don't?

Not having health insurance can be costly in more ways one. There may be a penalty for not having health insurance among other consequences.

Different Health Insurance Types

There are several types of health insurance plans to choose from, and each has associated costs and limitations on providers and visits.

What is a Group Health Insurance Plan?

Employer provided group insurance health plans offer lower cost insurance for employees since the employer pays a portion of the premium.

What is COBRA Coverage and How Does it Work?

Find out more information about COBRA eligibility and if your employer may be required to offer it.

Health Insurance Terms

Understanding important health insurance jargon can help you navigate insurance with confidence.

Don't Wait Too Long to Get Long-Term Care Coverage

Long-term care insurance policies help cover the costs associated with the care of individuals with chronic medical conditions, disabilities and disorder.

What Is a Health Savings Account?

Learn the ins and outs of an HSA and how to use it to your advantage.

FAQs for Health Insurance Tax Deductions

When it comes to taxes and health insurance, it's important to keep careful records and documents in order to be able to document possible deductions.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Health Insurance

Does insurance cover COVID testing? We break down health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss your coverage options.

What Is the Difference Between HMO and PPO Health Insurance?

Which is a better choice, an HMO insurance plan or a PPO insurance plan? It depends on your family, health-care needs, budget and more.

Benefits of Disability Insurance

Learn how disability insurance helps protect against the unexpected.

How to Determine if Supplemental Health Insurance is Right for You

Supplemental health insurance helps pay for costs and services that your regular healthcare plan doesn't cover.


Medicare Supplemental Insurance Information

Supplemental Medicare health insurance works  alongside Medicare by helping cover extra expenses. Are Medicare supplement plans worth it? Learn more.

Common Medicare Questions and Answers

Navigating Medicare information can be tricky. Here are some answers to help understand the program a little better.

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