Seek shelter from the storm

Make sure your home is ready for weather related issues using these articles from State Farm® . And if your home is damaged from the weather, State Farm can help with a residential insurance claims.

Articles to help protect against lightning and hail

Discover more articles to help stay safe during severe weather.

Lightning Protection for Your Home

Lightning protection can help you limit your risk of lightning damage and help in protecting your home.

Lightning Safety

Lightning strikes injure hundreds of people and cost millions of dollars every year in damages. Read these lightning protection tips to help keep safe.

Staying Safe in a Hailstorm

These hailstorm safety tips can help you limit the damage due to hail, and help with your overall disaster preparedness.

Articles to help protect against snow damage

Discover more articles to help protect against snow and ice.

Winter Water Damage from Ice Dams & More

Excessive snow on the roof, condensation in the attic and ice buildup can cause roof & water damage and personal injury.

Safely Clear Snow Off Roof Using the Right Tools

Snow on your roof can cause ice dams that result in structural damage. Learn when and how to clear it safely.

Winter Sidewalk Safety for Home/Business Owners

Winter sidewalk safety is a chore but keeping your sidewalk clear of ice and snow during the winter might help prevent accidents and trouble.

Articles to help protect against rain damage

Discover more articles to help stay safe during severe weather.

Prepare Your Home For Spring Storms

You can't stop spring showers, but you can prepare your home and surroundings for thunderstorms, severe winds and more.

Designing a Safe Room

Constructing a storm shelter space within your home can help protect you from natural disasters and weather emergencies.

Storm Windows Help Protect Against Severe Weather

High temperatures, humidity, strong winds and hurricanes can really take a toll on homes. You can protect your home against the extreme elements by adding storm windows.

Tips for Surviving Severe Weather

Check out these preparation tips for before a storm hits and what to do after the severe weather has passed.

Tips to Find a Quality Contractor

If your area got hit hard by recent storms, scammers may arrive offering repairs to your roof and other property damaged. Learn to spot them.

Articles to help protect against wind damage

Discover more articles to help stay safe during tornadoes and help protect against hurricanes.

What to Do In a Tornado

You see the alert. Your area is under a tornado watch, or even worse, a tornado warning. Know the differences between them, and what to do during a tornado.

Ways to Stay Safe During Severe Storm or Wind Event

Severe weather and severe wind are common throughout the country. Read these safety tips to help your emergency planning.

What to Do After a Tornado

The aftermath of a tornado can feel scary and overwhelming. Here's how to address your most urgent needs first, and how to start the tornado recovery process.

Pay Attention to Straight Line Winds

Learn what straight line winds are, how they differ from tornadoes, and how to stay safe.

Tornado Safety: How To Prepare

If a tornado spins your way, understanding tornado safety will help keep you and your family as safe as possible. Start preparing now for more peace of mind.

Wind Mitigation To Prepare for Storm Damage

Wind is an unpredictable element that can threaten your home and safety. But there are steps you can take to help increase your safety.

Articles to help protect against outdoor fire damage

Discover more articles to help stay safe during a wildfire.

Wildfire Guide: What To Do Before a Wildfire

Tips to help you assess your risk and identify ways to help protect your home and family.

What To Do After a Wildfire

The aftermath of a wildfire can feel overwhelming. When you get the all-clear to return home, know where to start and how to stay safe as you recover.

Articles to help protect against water damage

Discover more articles to help protect against floods.

Whole House Water Leak Detection Systems

Learn how to prevent costly water damage and the different water leak detection systems with automatic shutoff valves available on the market today.

Prevent Water in Your Basement

Reduce sewer or drain losses in your basement by checking drainage, reducing backflow, and installing a sump pump.

Flooded Basement Common Causes

Wet basement problems can cost you thousands of dollars. Here are steps to help identify the source of the water and ways to minimize your risk.

General articles to protect against the weather

Weatherproofing: How to prepare for a heat wave

As the summer approaches, it’s critical to consider how to prepare for extreme heat. We’ll discuss heat safety tips for your home and vehicle.

Portable Generator Safety

Check out these portable generator safety tips for when you need to provide temporary power to your home or wherever you need it.

DIY Home Renovations. The Pros & Cons of Doing It Yourself

Before jumping into a home or apartment project, weigh the pros and cons of a DIY approach vs. hiring a professional contractor.

What to Do After a Hurricane

Helpful tips to prevent further water damage, safely begin cleaning up and finding a contractor to help repair damage to your property.

Designing a Safe Room

Constructing a storm shelter space within your home can help protect you from natural disasters and weather emergencies.

Ideas on How To Prevent Pipes From Freezing

Frozen pipes can cause significant water damage in your home. State Farm discusses ways of preventing frozen pipes, and how to deal with burst pipes.

Impact-Resistant Roofing Material That Stands Up to Nature

Weather conditions can weaken or destroy your roof system. Impact-resistant shingles can help.

Power Outage Tips

Be prepared for before a power outage, know what to do during a power failure and what you may need to do after one.

Tips To Help Protect Yourself From A Contractor Scam

Shady contractors and home repair scams can cost you. Discover tips to protect yourself from repair scams by learning how to spot home repair fraud.

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