Replace My Check

As a courtesy to our customers, State Farm sends a letter to these individuals to inform them when there is an uncashed payment that has been outstanding for at least 3 months. You may request a replacement check for the following types of funds:

  • Claims payments
  • Compensations
  • Dividends
  • Premium refunds
  • General expense payments

However, if a payment remains in an outstanding status beyond the acceptable 3 or 5 year time period, the state mandates State Farm to report these funds to the state of residency.

Requesting a name change for the replacement check?

In order to issue a replacement check to a person other than the original payee, additional documentation is required to complete your request. Examples of additional documentation required may include, but is not limited to:

Examples Additional Documentation Required
Removal of a deceased payee Death Certificate and additional documentation when applicable:

— A signed letter indicating a change to "The Estate of..."
— To request the removal of a payee name, while also adding a new payee name, please indicate the relationship between the parties.

If a check was made payable to include both spouses' names on it and your spouse is presently deceased, please include a copy of the death certificate.
Removal of additional payee A notarized and signed release from the person who is being removed as payee
Name change due to marriage Marriage certificate or driver's license
Name change due to divorce Divorce decree or current driver's license
Removal of mortgage company A signed release from the mortgage company
Removal of business name A copy of the business dissolution agreement/form with the IRS or a copy of Schedule C or Schedule K1 from the prior year's taxes is required to process the payee name change. These documents indicate the prior business owner's name. If the dissolved business was a corporation, a copy of the certificate of dissolution is required.

Please fax the State Farm letter received, along with the additional documentation requested, to 309-766-0921 for further handling. If further documentation is required, State Farm will contact you to request the information necessary in order to process your request.