Color Full Lives, Season 5

Your favorite trio is back for an all-new season of our Color Full Lives podcast!

Hosts Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow and Tonya Rapley return to help women realize and achieve their financial dreams. For Season 5, the ladies are breaking down money matters tied to major milestones, everything from starting a business to balancing money and marriage. Tune in every Wednesday from Oct. 2 until Nov. 6, to get inspired and take steps toward living your best life!

Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

Ep. 6: Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

It’s time to get your business off the ground! For the Season 5 finale of Color Full Lives, hosts Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow, Tonya Rapley and special guest Amina Daniels, help you tap into your entrepreneurial spirit with “Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business."

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Color Full Lives, Season 5

Ep. 1: Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Into Debt

Are you struggling to pay off your credit cards? Looking for ways to improve your credit score? Color Full Lives hosts Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow and Tonya Rapley discuss all of that and more during episode 1.

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Ep. 2: Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married

Money and matrimony don't always mix. In episode 2 of Color Full Lives, hosts Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow, Tonya Rapley and special guests, Tommy and Codie Oliver, take a deep dive into a variety of things to know before getting married.

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Ep. 3: Things I Wish I Knew Before Home Renovations

Buying a new home, fixing one up or even redecorating can come with a hefty price tag. Color Full Lives hosts Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow, Tonya Rapley, and special guest, Rasheeda Gray, are here to help you navigate those experiences during Episode 3.

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Ep. 4: Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling

When you're out of town, rental cars, air fare and hotels can be costly expenses. In Episode 4 of Color Full Lives, hosts Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow, Tonya Rapley and special guest, Jessica Nabongo, offer tips to help you save money while traveling.

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Ep. 5: Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Kids

Children are a blessing, but they demand your time, attention and money. In Episode 5 of Color Full Lives, hosts Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow, Tonya Rapley, and special guest, Yahya Smith, offer up a money lesson for a growing family.

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2018 Women, Let's Win!

Real talk on finances, goals and side hustles with Color Full Lives Hosts Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow and State Farm® Agent Victoria Anderson, joined by guest celebrity influencers.

Establishing a Financial Legacy

Ayana Iman joins State Farm Agent Victoria Anderson, Angela Yee and Aminatou Sow to chat about the energy behind money, relationships with money and opportunities to gain wealth for generations to come.

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Think Small, Win Big

State Farm Agent Victoria Anderson sits down with Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow and Teresha McMillan to discuss the importance of having a strong network of business mentors.

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The Power of Creating a Financial Vision

Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow and Ellen Osei talk openly with State Farm Agent Victoria Anderson about financial goals and tools, as well as the benefits of having accountability partners.

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Color Full Lives, Season 4

Welcome to Color Full Lives, Season 4

Tune in weekly with Hosts Angela Yee, Aminatou Sow and new cohost, My Fab Finance's Tonya Rapley!

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Francesca Chaney and Sol Sips

Live your most Color Full Life with State Farm. Vegan entrepreneur Francesca Chaney discusses her goal of connecting people with plant-based living and mindful consumption through her Brooklyn café, Sol Sips.

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The Millennial Money Expert, Tonya Rapley

Tonya Rapley of My Fab Finance talks about her journey from business woman, to expectant mom, to published author in the place where it all began: New York City.

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Ronica "Queen"Jeffrey

Brooklyn-based boxer Ronica "Queen"Jeffrey speaks to her professional background as well as the fighter's mentality that drives women like her to succeed.

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Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford discusses the creation of a therapist directory and her work helping women overcome breakups through her practice, Therapy for Black Girls.

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Marsha Barnes and The Finance Bar

Financial expert Marsha Barnes discusses meeting people on their personal finance journeys through her mobile hub, The Finance Bar.

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Elise Swopes

Chicago-based graphic designer and photographer Elise Swopes discusses the blending of her passions to create a personal brand on social media.

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Entrepreneurs Kelli Coleman and Anika Jackson discuss Detroit's renaissance and the founding of their beauty business, The TEN Nail Bar.

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Sir & Madame

Chicago native Autumn Merritt discusses creating a lifestyle brand with her husband, Brian Merritt, and the inspiration for "classic-with-a-twist wear"found in their Hyde Park clothing boutique, Sir & Madame.

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Dream Achievers

The vision begins with you! Watch as Dream Achievers Fran Love, Erica Williams and Linda Green turn their dreams into a reality.

Fran Love

LOVE365 founder Fran Love shares how working with the homeless helped her cope with breast cancer.

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Erica Williams

Educator Erica Williams discusses her work with at-risk youth and the impact of her nonprofit, A New Vision Leadership Foundation.

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Linda Green

Chef Linda Green shares her French Market dream, her vision for her grandkids and the story behind her famous dish: YaKaMein.

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Color Full Lives, Season 3

For Season 3, State Farm elevated the platform with a focus on helping women of color up their financial IQs and take their lives, careers and relationships to the next level. Veteran host Angela Yee and new co-host Aminatou Sow shared real talk on finances and had candid conversations with celebrity influencers, including Gaby Dunn and Tonya Rapley.

Color Full Lives, Angela Yee

Female entrepreneur Angela Yee talks about her New York roots and the satisfaction of opening her brick and mortar business, Juices for Life.

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Live Cycle Delight, Amina Daniels

Female entrepreneur and Detroit native Amina Daniels talks about her inspired and diverse fitness studio, Live Cycle Delight.

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The Lip Bar, Melissa Butler

Detroit's own Melissa Butler talks about redefining cosmetics and challenging the beauty standard with her business, The Lip Bar.

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Call Your Girlfriend, Aminatou Sow

Podcaster Aminatou Sow talks about her experiences with cancer and her love for women's humanity, a topic highlighted by her show, Call Your Girlfriend.

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