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Home Safety Tips

Know Your Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities Before Moving In

If someone breaks in your apartment know how your landlord will help you.

Home Safe Home

Steps to help avoid injury and lower your chances of a trip to the emergency room

The Shocking Facts on Lightning, and How to Strike Back

Lightning can be destructive, but most damage can also be prevented with these steps

Make sure you're prepared for any emergency or danger with these supplies

Over half of home electrical fires are related to wiring problems. Is your home at risk?

Risks include fire, poisoning, and accidents. Here's what needs to be cleaned, checked, and stored.

As smartphone use increases, so do ways of stealing your personal information

Installing the best door lock for your home provides a solid first line of protection

Outdoor holiday decorations can be serious electrical and fire hazards. These tips will keep your home safe

CO poisoning is responsible for an estimated 500 deaths a year. Learn the signs

If your home was built before 1970, lead may be present in lead-based paint, so read these safety tips

Keep your hand tools from becoming a hazard by following these simple safety tips

These safety precautions can help prevent a tragic fall.

Tips for spreading cheer while behaving responsibly with electricity, fires, and ladders

From flammable trees to choking-hazard ornaments, the holidays can be hazardous. How to keep your family safe

Become familiarized with the ways to safely use these supplemental heat sources

A good schvitz is invigorating, so take a moment to learn how to do it the best way with these safety guidelines

Make sure you and your loved ones are keeping cool enough during the dog days

CO poisoning is responsible for an estimated 500 deaths a year. Learn the signs

A Multiple Line Discount Can Save You Up to 22%

Stay Safe and Connected with Smart Home Discounts

This Multi-Auto Discount Saves Up to 20%

Do You Qualify For An Accident-Free Discount?


Calculate Your Car Loan Payments

Compare rates and interest and see what your payments might look like with our handy calculator

Calculate Which Auto Lease Terms are the Better Deal

Use this tool to enter your interest rates and other lease terms to help you decide

Calculate Monthly Payments on a Loan and Line of Credit

This online tool offers insight into the monthly amounts that will be due on your loan

Calculating How Soon to Buy Your Next Auto

Hold on to your car longer, or sell and buy a new one? This tool helps you decide

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