Things to do before going to college

College is a big step in a young adult's life. Help prepare your student for the transition with the following tips.

Discussing moneyhealth and insurance basics can help college-bound kids manage classes, work and personal life.

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  • Set a budget. List income sources and separate essentials from the nice-to-haves. A banking app can help track spending.
  • Check for local branches of your bank, or open an account at a bank near campus.


  • Make sure vaccinations are up to date.
  • Send copies of any relevant medical details with your student.
  • Learn where college health services are and what's available to students.


  • Check that your car insurance covers your student. Set a maintenance schedule and locate a close-by mechanic for repairs.
  • Verify the family health insurance policy extends to college kids.
  • If your student lives on campus, they are probably covered by your homeowners/renters policy. But if they live off-campus, renters insurance is recommended. Talk to your State Farm® agent today!

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