Explore Your Month in Money

so that we can help make handling your personal finances a whole lot easier.

Explore Your Month In Money

Video Transcript

State Farm® knows saving money isn’t always easy, and we could all benefit from learning how to save money each month. To help imagine what little changes might look like, and add up to, we transformed one woman’s monthly expenses into a real-life experience. Watch as Misty explores her month in money with her State Farm agent Lakitsia and explores new ways to save by viewing her spending habits a little differently. Inspired by Misty’s financial journey? We have plenty of tools and support to help you know where your money goes.

Lakitsia and Misty explore money-saving tips to help keep spending down. A Simple List Can Help You Save on Groceries
Learn how to save in the grocery aisle. 
Lakitsia gives Misty a habit-forming tip to help her reach her goal of buying a home. Treating Rent as Your Mortgage Can Help You Save
Change the way you think about rent.
Lakitsia and Misty discuss the difference between two types of spending, and how it can impact Misty’s savings. Know the Two Types of Spending to Save More
What is a need vs. want? Knowing the difference can make a big change in your savings.
Lakitsia and Misty explore spending that’s easy to cut down on. Limit Emotional Spending and Save
Cutting down on certain spending habits each month can bring you closer to achieving your long-term financial goal. 

Quick Tips

Learning new ways to save money doesn’t need to take all day. In fact, with a few quick tips you can learn to save in no time. Check out these quick tips to save money on a monthly basis.

Tip 1: Budget weekly, not monthly.
How to Budget Like a Pro
Small steps toward saving, is still saving.
Tip 2: Bump your savings when you get a raise. A Raise Can Raise your Savings
Don’t forget to change your saving habits when you get a raise, your account deserves to celebrate too. 
Tip 3: Pack a lunch, pack on savings.
Packing A Lunch Can Pack on the Savings
Going out to eat adds up, especially when it’s a daily habit. Try packing a lunch to watch your savings grow.
Tip 4: Create scaled-down goals, get closer to your financial goal.
Small Goals make for Big Wins
If goals are hard to reach, they become unattainable. Try scaling them down to be bite-sized and easier to achieve.
Tip 5: Spend zero dollars for the day, see the savings add up.
Try a Zero Spending Day
Ever spent an entire day not spending? Spoiler alert: they can add up to big savings.