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Renters Tips

Discover Urban Gardening

A community garden offers a bouquet of benefits: Meet neighbors, beautify the area, grow your own food and more.

8 Ways to Make Moving to a New City Easier

Smooth out any bumps in your plans to move.

About the Home Buying Process

Financial savings and life considerations can contribute to your to-dos for home buying.

A guide to the closing documents you should keep after you buy your house—and what you can get rid of.

Pursue your passions, and you'll find lifelong friends in your new community.

Finding the right home is all about where you are in life.

We talked to millennials who earned their rental stripes through mishaps and misfortunes you may be able to avoid.

The keys to being a tenant landlords love.

Thinking about protecting your property with renters insurance? Here are the facts.

You don't want too much or too little renters insurance. How to determine the right amount.

How renters can score a discount - and don't forget to weigh the deductible options.

Getting clear answers from your landlord about deposits and fees will make you feel much more at ease.

Knowing everything you need to know about your rent is crucial.

Have all your moving questions answered by your landlord before your move-in day.

Weigh the pros and cons to determine which is best for you.

Home Calculators

Find Your Mortgage Fit

Looking to buy a home? Our easy-to-use calculator will help you find the terms that work for you.

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Get the answers with our refinance calculator.

Fixed Rate Mortgage vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Which type may be best for you?

Compare Home Equity Tax Savings with This Calculator

Which gives better savings, a home equity loan or line of credit? Find out with this tool.

State Farm is here with resources, tips, and advice to help you get the most out of owning a home

A Multiple Line Discount Can Save You Up to 22%

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