A collection of articles about motorcycle insurance, purchasing, safety and maintenance

Motorcycle Insurance, maintenance and riding articles from State Farm® to help you stay safe on the open road while biking.

Why is motorcycle insurance cheap?

The cost of motorcycle insurance can vary depending on the coverage you select.

Motorcycle insurance cost for new or vintage rides

Whether the motorcycle you ride is new or used, antique or classic insurance costs can vary.

Does car insurance cover motorcycles?

Motorcycle insurance differs from auto and homeowners insurance, so what questions should be asked?

Motorcycle insurance ratings

Use this annual motorcycle rating information to see how a specific motorcycle compares to others and how it may affect the insurance premium.

How to sell a motorcycle

Whether you're selling a motorcycle now or perhaps you're just thinking about it, here are some tips that can help when you're ready to sell it.

Tips for a safer motorcycle ride

Choosing a motorcycle helmet

We know that motorcycle helmets are helpful, but how can you choose the right one?

What riding gear do I need for a motorcycle?

Motorcycle riding gear is specifically designed to keep your head and body safe when riding.

Tips for motorcycle riding in the rain and other bad weather

When you are riding your motorcycle and the weather changes to rain, what do you do? Here are suggestions for dealing with changes in the weather.

Safety tips when riding a motorcycle with a passenger

Do your research and know what's different when it comes to safety while you have a passenger on your bike.

Tips to help prevent motorcycle accidents

Consider these motorcycle safety tips to help avoid the risk of accidents and stay safe on the road.

Motorcycle safety tips

From riding tips to motorcycle awareness, you can help make the road safer with these habits.

What to know about ABS on motorcycles

Anti-lock brakes aren't just for cars. Find out how this braking technology may help save you from losing control of your bike.

Moped, scooter, e-bike & motorcycle differences

Find out the differences between a moped, scooter & e-bike — do they need motorcycle insurance and a license?

Tips for maintaining your motorcycle

Motorcycle maintenance: spring checklist

Consider these tips to help get your bike in top shape for riding season.

Motorcycle won’t start?

Consider these handy tips on what to do if your motorcycle won't start.

Prepare your motorcycle for storage during the off season

Consider these tips for how to winterize a motorcycle so you can be ready to roll next season.

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