Your credit score: Do you know what your number means? 

Check out the following tips from State Farm® on everything you need to know about credit, your credit score and how to protect it.

Credit score information

What is a good credit score?

Do you know your credit score and why it’s an important number? Do you know how to get a credit report and score? There is a lot to know. Let’s dig in and learn about it all.

Credit monitoring from home

Staying informed about your credit report could stop credit fraud and identity theft.

How to build credit

Establishing credit is important, so understanding how it works is equally important.

How to rebuild credit

Make the moves necessary to successfully improve your credit score. See ways to do it here.

How to help build credit or improve your credit score

Zero credit or bad credit isn’t an insurmountable hurdle. Here are ideas for how to build good credit.

Articles about credit cards

How to find the right credit card

Credit cards have pros, cons and various key features.

Credit cards

Credit cards can have a variety of uses and come in many types. Here are some tips for selecting a card.

Basic Financial Terms Glossary

Whether you are ready to build your credit, consider investing or look into retirement, these terms may come in handy to help you plan your next financial move.

Calculators for credit card planning

Calculate how long to pay off a Home Equity Line of Credit

You can also enter other monthly payment amounts and recalculate to see how it adjusts the months to pay off your loan.

Calculate loan and line of credit monthly payments

This online tool offers insight into the monthly amounts that will be due on your loan.

Calculate your possible line of credit

Enter your home value and mortgage amount to see what line of credit you qualify for.

To consolidate debt, first calculate the loan you need

It's easier to conquer debt when you streamline multiple payments into one place.

Calculate how to pay off debt

Plug in what you owe, interest rate and how much you can pay.

Articles to help with credit card usage

Are balance transfers worth it?

With low interest rates, balance transfer offers are tempting. Are they a good idea?

How to get out of debt

Learn more about the strategies to find the right option for you.

Are Credit Card Transactions Through Your Smartphone Secure?

The retail revolution is here — and with it comes possible mobile payment security risks. Are you doing all you can to protect yourself?

The psychology of spending money and why you may be spending so much

Trying to understand how you spend your money may help you build better financial habits and boost your savings.

Financial wellness tips to help improve your financial future

Get ahead and learn how to improve financial wellness through simple spending, saving and budgeting tips.

Money management for teens

Lessons on money management for teens before they head to college, including how to create a budget, strategies for saving money and ways to use credit responsibly.

Should I close my credit card after paying it off?

Keeping an old credit card open can improve your credit score, but only if you can avoid the temptation to spend.

Teaching kids to save money

Help children set goals for their money to set up a lifetime of good financial habits.

How to build credit for teens

Consider these tips to help your teen get off to a good start with their own savings, secured credit card and more.

Start out strong with 4 financial priorities for young adults

Focusing on these factors will make a huge difference in preparing for your future.

Ways to avoid paying interest on credit cards

Learn about credit card interest and how to help avoid or reduce it when using a credit card.

Smart financial goals to set while you're still young

Start with planning and resolutions, then take gradual steps toward later rewards.

Calculate ways to save money by eliminating a few expenses

Want to quickly learn how to save money with your expenses? Our calculator can help.

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