Entrepreneur Helps Immigrants Build Their Businesses

Entrepreneur Helps Immigrants Build Their Businesses

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How Young Entrepreneur Helped Immigrants Build Their Businesses

Deepti Sharma Kapur has always loved helping her community and thought that going to law school would be the best way to continue to make a positive impact. Instead of following that path, Deepti changed her career after some inspiration and started a business: FoodtoEat.com.

While thinking about her next steps in life and career choices, she describes the moment in college when the idea came to her:

'I was waiting in line at a food truck and I was waiting for about 30 minutes, and all I got was a peanut butter cookie. How is it that this is the only way for me to access what this food truck is selling?'

After talking to different food trucks and small vendors, Kapur realized two things: 1) Many did not know how to use technology to grow their businesses 2) A lot of the food truck owners were immigrants looking to start somewhere — as a daughter of immigrants with an entrepreneurial spirit, she felt a strong connection and wanted to help.

Now 28 years old, Kapur's research and heart for the community have turned her food ordering small business into a company that connects over 900 local food trucks, restaurants and vendors with corporate clients.

Beyond helping small food trucks and businesses connect with companies, Kapur and her company also mentor the youth to learn code and bring their fledgling business ideas to life.

In this video, Kapur shares her journey to building this company and gives career advice to help you lead a successful career outside of one's typical first job.


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