Building blocks to financial wellness

Blocks are interactive calculators and tools designed to help you address financial goals and concerns. Click into Blocks to explore and discover your protection and savings needs to consider now and in the future.

Life insurance

Quickly quantify a life insurance need

Determine if life insurance is needed to protect your family, and if so, how much.


Set aside cash to cover an unexpected expense

Find out if you have enough money in emergency savings to cover unexpected expenses or time out of work.

Save to make a special purchase

Will you have enough saved for that special purchase? Find out by entering how much you can afford to save each month or have the calculator solve for the amount needed to achieve your goal.

Save for a special experience

Determine the savings strategy needed to save for a one time experience goal (i.e. travel, celebration, honeymoon, etc.) occurring in the next ten years.

Explore what you want to do with your money

When you think about work and money, what are your financial goals? Find out what’s relevant to you and rate the degree of importance.

What really worries you about money? Find out

Self-diagnose concerns such as overspending, losing a job, buying a home, etc. to identify areas of focus to help mitigate concerns.

How has inflation impacted the costs of common items

Take this interactive quiz to see what prices of common expenditures were at a selected point in the past.

What impact will inflation have on future spending

Take this interactive quiz to see what prices of common expenditures will be at a selected point in the future.


See if it makes sense to spend your own money or secure a loan

Analyze whether to liquidate an asset(s) or borrow to cover a large expense.

Does refinancing make sense for you?

Analyze your existing mortgage to see any possible benefits to refinancing.

Debt reduction

Get out of debt and invest more in your future

Determine a strategy to pay off credit card debt, college loans, create an emergency fund, achieve an experience goal, fund a purchase goal, and/or accumulate retirement money over the next ten years.

Get out of credit card debt faster

Determine a path to reduce and pay off credit card debt.

Strategize paying off student loan debt

Enter multiple college loans with different interest rates to find an approach to paying them off.


How to achieve your retirement goal

Solve for how much savings is needed on an annual basis in order to reach desired savings for retirement.

How to reach your retirement goals

A retirement calculator to help determine how much to save to reach a financial goal.

Learn more about Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

Determine how much money you may need to take out.

72(t) Distribution Method Comparison

Calculate a distribution schedule when retirement assets are needed earlier than expected.

IRA Conversion Calculator

Find out whether it may be financially beneficial to convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.

Traditional vs. Roth IRA Contributions

Determine which IRA may be right for you.

Long term care

Will health costs put your retirement at risk?

Provides costs for home care, assisted living, and nursing home based on gender, age, length of care, state and city.

Long term care costs - identify your odds

Analyze the likelihood of incurring long term care expenditures for home care, assisted living, and nursing home.

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