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Teen Drivers

Have a New Teen Driver in the House? Read This

What you'll need to know about safety, insurance and even discounts for new drivers

Help Your Teen Be a Better Driver

Teach your teen to be safe behind the wheel with these tools and tips from State Farm

Things Have Changed Since You Learned to Drive

If you have a child taking driver's ed, it's time to learn the latest updates to the subject

Passenger risk is real. More than half of teen car crash fatalities weren't the drivers

Teaching your teenager to drive doesn't have to be stressful.

Roughly 200,000 crashes each year are caused by texting drivers, but most teens don't see the danger in it

Before letting your teenager get behind the wheel, go over this driver skills checklist

Help your new driver establish good habits for bad weather driving and accident protocol

Beginning drivers are at highest risk of a crash, so help them make a safe transition

It's not going to be a big deal, but here are a few things that will be helpful to know

How you can help your teens make buckling up a habit.

Help prevent teenage speeding and other culprits in accidents with these rules

It's likely to happen, so advise your children what to do when pulled over by police

Develop safe teen driving habits with guidelines to prevent speeding and carelessness

Travelers can drive defensively and take precautions to prevent merging collisions

Drowsy driving can impair reflexes and lead to disaster. Try these tips to stay alert

It's only a common fender bender, but all parties involved should know what to do

Texting is one of the most dangerous driving distractions, but here are 7 others

Running a red light is a bad idea, but in some places it can also mean a surprise ticket

A Multiple Line Discount Can Save You Up to 22%

This Multi-Auto Discount Saves Up to 20%

Discounts For Good Students Up to 25%

Do You Qualify For An Accident-Free Discount?

Auto Calculators

To Buy or to Lease a Car? This Calculator Can Help You Decide

Enter the details of the purchase and lease options and see which one looks best

Calculating the Better Choice: a New Car Rebate or Better Deal on Financing

If buyers take a rebate incentive, will it grow to be more than is saved with low interest?

Calculating How Soon to Buy Your Next Auto

Hold on to your car longer, or sell and buy a new one? This tool helps you decide

This Calculator Helps You Decide Which Auto Loan is the Better Deal

Compare two auto loans by filling in their specifics and see the best way to go

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