Don't Wait Too Long to Create a Digital Home Inventory

Don't Wait Until it's Too Late to Create a Digital Home Inventory

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A home inventory can be used to help you make coverage decisions. It also can simplify filing an insurance claim, help you secure a settlement and prove useful when verifying property loss for taxes.

Despite the importance of an inventory, many individuals don't have a detailed record of their belongings. According to the most recent survey from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (2012), 59% of consumers don't have an inventory. Of those who do, many haven't kept their records up to date or didn't include the necessary documentation.

How do I make an inventory?

  1. Making a list: Use this checklist to make sure you don't leave anything off the list.
  2. Creating a thorough record: Add detail to your inventory with product descriptions, including the item's make, model, serial number, date of purchase, and purchase price. Also upload photos of the item along with a copy of the sales receipt or appraisal.
  3. Storing it in a safe place: Print hard copies of your inventory and store in multiple locations or keep it digital.

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