Agent State Farm; a blockbuster hit

When the world needed a good neighbor, Agent State Farm was there. 

Jake from State Farm was joined by the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DiVito during the world premiere of Agent State Farm. We hope you enjoyed the action, the excitement and the khakis as much as we did. Check out the official movie site too!

The results are in

We are thrilled that Agent State Farm was voted #1 by panelists in the USA TODAY Ad Meter ratings. 

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Snapchat movie fun

Agent State Farm Snapchat Game
Your mission is to get to the Agent State Farm movie premiere within the time allotted. Collect 10 tickets and dodge obstacles to complete the task at hand.

Hosting a party?

Football fans watching the big game and fist bumping on a couch with snacks.
We have some tips to keep in mind when throwing a big football party.

Fun on late night TV

Arnold and Jake joined Jimmy to promote the "movie" premiere and have some pup quiz fun! 

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Trending on TikTok

Check out Loren Gray, Jason Momoa, Arnold, Jake from State Farm and more as they share behind the scenes, the blockbuster theme song and excitment around our new movie. 

Our best football commercials of this season

Check out Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Coach Andy Reid, Derrick Henry and Jake from State Farm in our most talked about commercials.

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