Car maintenance & repair articles

Proper vehicle maintenance keeps your car running. These articles from State Farm® can help you maintain and repair your car, truck or SUV.

Car maintenance tips for winter

Important Winter Car Care Tips

Keep your car running smoothly in the winter months, and avoid long-term damage with these car care tips.

Safety Tips for Avoiding Costly Pothole Damage

A close encounter with a pothole can lead to wrecked tires, wheels and suspension components, but there are steps you can take to lessen damage.

Car maintenance tips for summer

How to Clean & Disinfect Your Car

Germs don't disappear when you get inside of your car. Learn the things you can do to clean your car and keep you and your family healthy.

Protect Your Car From Damaging Effects of Sun/Heat

Sun protection is important to keeping your vehicle in ship shape. Here's how to do it.

Summer Driving Tips

You're going to need to pack more than beach supplies for that summer road trip.

What to Do if Your Car Has Flood Damage

If your car was partially submerged in floodwater, follow our checklist for assessing flood damage afterwards.

Maintenance tips for other vehicles

Visit our motorcycle, boat and RV and powersport vehicle collection pages for additional tips.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Storage During Off Season

Tips to prepare your bike for winter storage so you can be ready to roll next season.

Motorcycle Maintenance: Spring Checklist

Eager to dust off your bike and get on the road this spring? Consider these motorcycle maintenance tips first to help ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Snowmobile Storage Tips

Properly preparing your snowmobile for long-term storage can help you be ready to hit the trails next season.

Why Won't My Motorcycle Start?

Some handy tips on what to do if your motorcycle won't start.

Prepare Your ATV or UTV for Winter Storage

Winterizing your ATV or UTV can help prepare it for long-term storage. Use these tips to get started.

Additional vehicle maintenance tips

Simple Tips for Owning and Maintaining a Car

On the road or in the garage, there are simple things you can do to minimize the risk of crashes, breakdowns and theft.

How Contactless Car Maintenance Works

Safety during vehicle service and maintenance for cars that are driven less are all important considerations.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Car

Is it time to get a new car or is it best to repair the vehicle you already have?

What to Do If You Put the Wrong Fuel in a Car

Let the engine, not the dollar signs, guide you.

Auto Manufacturers Recalled a Record Number of Cars

Know how to handle vehicle safety recalls.

How to Jump Start a Car

Jumping a car battery can be a handy skill should you or a friend need a restart. Check out this guide on the basics of how to jump start a car.

Auto Repair Questions for a Mechanic

When you find out your car needs to be serviced, it's important to know the right auto repair questions to ask a mechanic.

How to Check Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure is often overlooked by drivers until they need to swerve or brake unexpectedly. Find out how to check for proper tire pressure.

What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down

Check out this video to understand how best to handle an unexpected vehicle breakdown that lets other drivers know your situation and keeps you safe.

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