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Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

How to Check Tire Pressure

Read this article for tips on how to check and maintain proper tire pressure.

Telematics: What's That?

Explaining the technology that connects drivers' vehicles to info (and insurance discounts)

Protect Your Car from the Damaging Effects of Sun and Heat

Sun protection is important to keeping your vehicle in ship shape. Here's how to do it

Buying a used car is a great way to save some cash, but make sure you're still getting your money's worth

A close encounter with a pothole can lead to wrecked tires, wheels, and suspension components

Auto repairs cost drivers $766 per year on average, but some can be done at home

Regardless of the car you drive, these techniques will help you save gas

Learn about preventive auto maintenance, and how it can help your car — and bottom line

By 2018 most new vehicles will be required to come with this life-saving feature that can help prevent accidents

You can drive on them while they're flat. Read the pluses and minuses of run flat tires

Help keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Learn how to find a reliable mechanic and how to determine what jobs you need done.

Improve your vehicle's safety and save money at the pump by properly inflating tires

If you're in the market and don't know what type to look for, read this breakdown

Keep your car running smoothly in the winter months.

Cars aren't the only way to go. Consider driving alternatives - and save gas, too

Manufacturers recall millions of vehicles each year. Here's what to do if you get one

When buying an energy efficient car, find out how your potential vehicle rates

Tips for choosing the right facility and how to protect your car when it's not in use