Back to School Tips for Adult Education

Back-to-School Tips for Grown-ups

Video Transcript

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Whether you're going back to school at 30, 40 or older, there are some simple steps to establish good study habits while finding work/life balance as a student with adult responsibilities. This advice is specific to those hoping to change careers, finish a degree or just expand their horizons. Lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong will help you set yourself up for success by following with these tips on going back to school as an adult.

Finding a quiet place to dedicate to your studies can be a challenge for adults going back to school. Designate a well-lit learning environment where you can get away from work, kids or other adult responsibilities to focus and maximize your study time. Find back-to-school savings ideas to minimize your investment in school and study supplies.

Time Management Tips for Adult Learners

Setting a specific time management plan & sticking to it will be pivotal to your success. Adult learners should schedule time dedicated to their studies and stick to that routine as rigidly as possible. This is especially difficult when balancing the priorities of your work and home life.

Establish a PLN (Personal Learning Network): Don't let your age stand in the way of making connections with other students. Forming a study group will help you get in the back-to-school swing and create a supportive community with your fellow students. Don't let your age define you! Your life experience is an asset to your Personal Learning Network (PLN) with classmates.

Create a Work/Life Balance Plan with Your Family: Create a vision board with the help of your family when establishing your educational goals. By including your family in this exercise, they will better understand why you are going back to school. Remember to communicate your schedule to them well in advance and dedicate time to stay connected.

Don't forget that the reason you're going back to school is to build a more fulfilling, productive life. Following these adult education tips will ensure you're working toward that goal without sacrificing your present happiness.

Whether your school budget is for you or your kids, State Farm can help with an array of College Saving Plan options.

Watch this back-to-school tips video for adult learners going back to the classroom at 30, 40 or older with work/life balance expert Mario Armstrong!


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