Clothing Bank: Community Service Stories

How One Teacher Went the Extra Mile for Her Students

Video Transcript

At State Farm®, we want to recognize good neighbors that are helping their communities and encourage everyone that even the smallest act of kindness can change the world. Be inspired by these community service stories through our partnership with The Huffington Post and help us recognize those around you who are making a difference. Check out the original article on Huffington Post.

How One Teacher's Passion Resulted in Starting a Clothing Bank for the Community

Susan Holloway has always wanted to be a teacher and started out in the low-economic inner city of Bakersville, California. As soon as she started teaching, she noticed that most of her students didn't have access to basic needs like clothes and wanted to do something about it.

Passionate about helping her students and noticing that lack of resources resulted in distracted students, Ms. Holloway started a 'store' with clothing donations from family, friends and colleagues — and eventually, from the local community. She understood that without something as basic as clothes, she couldn't expect her students to focus on education. By starting this clothing bank at school, Ms. Holloway was able to not only provide free clothes, but also resources to build their confidence, which helped the students to focus on their education rather than how they looked on the outside.

After seeing positive responses from the students and teachers, she was able to expand the clothing bank to the entire school district, positively impacting and helping the community around her.

Watch the video and learn more about Susan's inspiration and journey in creating the clothing donation process and how it's helped her students.


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